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no more fun for veterans???



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panem et circenses, right? xD

it makes sense that players who already won a contest can't compete anymore, but it was kinda funny =(
and even though i liked the contest very much, i also like that i'm once and for all out of it, nobody can ask me for favors anymore, and i don't have to deny most of them anymore^^

plus, i think we can find ways to entertain ourselves without HC, best example: the loreroot battle tournament =)
just find some players who like to battle (with monsters, mind or any other means you can imagine), set a few rules and enjoy the fun =D

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Honestly that land wars idea is rather interesting...

I would like to see a way to control certain areas in the game by actual player alliances. For instance, if a group of players were to invade Loreroot and defeat a certain percentage of the current alliance in control of Loreroot's population, they would take over that area.

If anyone has ever played GTA San Andreas they would know what I mean and could probably add some more ideas or better suggestions. ;)

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MD land wars is a bit different from San Andreas Wars, i guess xD

and it wouldn't make sense if dst and no one competed (sorry guys, you know i like you both, but you just play unfair =P) in the land wars... remember the last disaster? -.-

i like the idea of GTA wars, though...
maybe that could be fun, if the original state is brought back once the contest is over, and the winning ally gets a small bonus until the next war starts (not permanently, there are not enough allies to give away perm boni for winning such a war...)
on the other hand, if the war lasts to long, people who die in the first hours will get bored, and if it was too short, some allies wouldn't have a realistic chance (like if most strong members from one ally come from US, and the war starts at 10 am server time and ends after 3 hours, that wouldn't be very fair...)

plus, land wars are either boring or even annoying to non-allie players, and that number is rather large and should therefore be considered... if they can die in the war, but not kill, the fun is totally spoiled for them... and excluding them seems unfair LOL

all in all, i don't think that such wars would be a good idea, but i still like the idea =)

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No offense but i dont think the idea of "stoping previous winners" will change anything. the only way it will change is instead of having to pass the heads the previous winners will just attack and destory the persons defence while the person who wants the heads just attacks right after...

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My 3 cents:

HC was never a fair contest (and we all know that) but it was fun. I mean real fun. For me it will continue cause I still have a job to do but for others...no. And it's a shame. Most of the veterans have done almost everything there is to be done in this game and HC was a breath of fresh air. It was a chance to see how good you are. It's not just hunting players or hiding. It's about finding the right counter so you can get a victory. This is the real chance players have to actually learn how to make rituals and how to fight.
Of course it's also about politics :). You need to know who are the rulers of HC and make some deals with them :). So yes...I see the new rules as a really big loss to the game.

As for the land wars: it's nice to know you can kill anyone but it's not so much fun. After you do it twice you kind of get bored. And the disaster from last land wars occurred cause I teamed up with Lightsage. I did not break any rules since Mur did not specify that alliances are forbidden. If I remember correctly he even encouraged us to form them. Anyway...maybe I will do something about this issue soon.

In conclusion: old players will get bored. Soon. So we will start a I am Bored club and maybe will start killing each other to get out of the boredom state we entered. ;)

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@Burns: i can beat this two ;) so no problem to me, and loreroot battle tournament is boring, its like sitting on willows, ohh my mistake being at willows is much more fun than that, i want hunting :) yea and i want other to come after me, like hc i have heads which attracts others :) i need to catch others, there is whole art in playing hc :) and also i like land wars cuz when you bring down opponent he cant participate again :D

@Ren: land wars were just one of idea to make it real since they already exist an we arent using them, we could pick something else, and we WANT more fun :)

@MRWander: yea thats one solution, but that wont influence game much, but instead what will happen players wil start making more alts, and will stop playing their main, they will uber train their alt and then they will have some fun, smashing all in theirs way, thats already happening, many ppl are already for months doing that on hc, i mean there are players which won hc 3 times or more, why? becuz of credits (i think that some of them have different names on accs an then when they win hc they request credits transfer to main acc, just an assumption idk if this is possible, but i heard rumors) reward or becuz of fun, and why did they won hc 3 times? becuz of alts, and now it will just happen more and more

@Bunns: you will need to became normal player cuz rpcs cant participate :)

and i agree with dst ofc :)

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::chuckle:: i told you that already MB

but a hopefull thought did flicker through my head, now that spells cant be used during HC does that mean RPC's and LHO's can participate at some point? if i remember correctly then the main reason for them not being able to compete was due to them having spells they could abuse

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[quote name='Grido' post='23171' date='Dec 31 2008, 07:40 AM']::chuckle:: i told you that already MB

but a hopefull thought did flicker through my head, now that spells cant be used during HC does that mean RPC's and LHO's can participate at some point? if i remember correctly then the main reason for them not being able to compete was due to them having spells they could abuse[/quote]
Dont they also get VE bonuses?

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Huh.. can't you guys just organize your own events for fun? You know, maybe dueling? You're veterans, you can do it! Because, after all, maybe making more official contests dependent on PvP is excessive. This is a roleplaying game after all; you can have fun [i]roleplaying[/i]. Making Manu work just for the whims of a small section of the playerbase, pah.

~Outsider's view.

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well this does help alittle of the players who haven't won but also put them in danger... think about it.. what can a won hc player do steal the heads and give it to another who needs the score.. when the guy gets in the top 8 hc score holders we will be able to see his every movement... so if by accident the hc winner comes in the top 8 hc list then we can see where they are moving if we see them coming we can run or log off. But now since they wont get the heads we cant see where they are or which side they coming from.. so they will silently come and hit us and use the other account and take the heads.. this is deadly for guys with not as fast net connections...

But this does make the contest MORE fun and i LOVE it ^_^

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lol, i must say that this hc was fun ^_^ and btw i am still third but i dont count XD i am gray O.o
and hcs which were before were almost the same, before i was also making great progress and many players were aggressive and angry, but this time it was much more, how ppl are pissed off when they start to lose in competition where are high rewards in play, they face you with anger, dislikeness, some even with hatred, now i think that i fully understand you dst since ppl are behaving like that to you quite often

and yes if nothing will be done about this problem, i think i will have to invent some fun for veterans

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