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Bootes, Nelya, and the Pillars of Harmony


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The dais is silent as the light flares again. Bootes steps out of the light and off the platform, hefting his equipment behind him. Nearby, Nelya kneels on the ground with notes piled in front of her. She studies the book in her hands intently, turning the ancient pages with care. Bootes adds another scrap of paper to the growing pile and sets his pack aside.

“That’s the Eighth site Today and the fifth with the Same measurements. I think there is a Pattern. Have you found anything In that Tome?”

“It speaks of night and of the moon, yet it mentions nothing about how night came to be. None of these others mentions how or why night ended,” Nelya says as she places her hand on a stack of books. She tilts her head and the wind catches her hair, draping it across her face. She frowns slightly as she brushes it away, “Bootes, you think there is a connection, though? You think something is going to happen?”

“Nelya, give me your Map,” he says with a slight smile. “These are the places today where the Measurements Are the same as here, at the Pillars of Harmony.” He points to several locations on Nelya’s map. “Do you notice Anything about them?” His smile widens as she looks over the map.
Bootes digs around in the piles of notes and pulls out several scraps of paper and places them before Nelya. “Now look At this. These are all the Points from yesterday where the measurements Were the same as those I took here. A similar phenomenon Occurred. You see it, Too?”

“I think I do…” she trails off as she thinks. “If what you’re saying is true, then… they should be the same here and here, as well.” Nelya points to two more points on her map. Several moments pass before the frown returns. “But, Bootes, what is does it all mean? What connection do the Pillars of Harmony have with the moon?”

Bootes’ smile falters for a moment as he hesitates. “… I cannot Say for sure. But, Nelya… there has to Be a connection. This can’t be Coincidence. There is A connection and I will find out what It is. And, together, we will discover it and see the Moon in this Land again.”

Nelya extends her hand and grasps Bootes’ and smiles. “Yes, we will work together and solve this mystery.” Working together, the portal at the Pillars of Harmony flares to life again and Bootes steps through, continuing to record his findings while Nelya reads into the lore of the lost moon.

This call goes out to all amateur astronomers and lore seekers: Nelya and Bootes need help in determining the possible patterns connected to the Pillars of Harmony and what they might mean when associated to the moon. Post your ideas, maps, and theories here.

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do they have anything else for us to work off perhaps? or just that 5 out of 8 site measurements are the same? and what were the pages in reference to...were they the orders of the pillars, or constellations, or both?

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If you were to ask me there is a pattern in the sky: Meaning we have something moving up there, be it the moon, stars or anything else.

And the sun seems to be moving, but not enough, so it is something else.

Perhaps the pattern which can be recorded can be used as a code for the pillars: The certain letters on them stand for locations, and the code is the repetitive order in which the same phenomena appears. The pages then have some fakes and some real ones, idk for sure.

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It's very long, I apologize. A one sentence summary is at the bottom if you grow tired of reading.

There are a few things we know to be true:

1. The Pillars of Harmony move something, and they are currently broken and crumbling.
2. The Sun moves, but does not set, and began moving after the war.
3. There was a Night and a Day at one point in time, and the Pillars of Harmony were not broken at one period in time.

Starting with these facts I am going to reexamine and propose a theory.

The Pillars of Harmony move something, and their power is unknown and possibly even unknowable. The mechanism for teleportation, and the necessary power for it, I am unsure of. There is no doubt in my mind that if the Pillars can move humans to any point in the Magic Duel World, then it can move the Sun a centimeter at a time across the sky. This is one piece that requires faith, as I cannot test the power of the Pillars nor can I know the source of their power.

The Pillars of Harmony's name is interesting, because it suggest their purpose. Perhaps at one time they were created to keep the Harmony of Night and Day by moving the Sun beyond the Horizon. It is even possible that the Pillars control the movement of the Moon as well. The Pillars are, unfortunately, broken now and forever and the Pillars will probably never be able to keep perfect harmony between Day and Night, Sun and Moon. If not Harmony, perhaps a sort of makeshift system would be doable.

The measurements that Bootes talks about I believe are the the altitudes of the Sun at different locations. If the Pillars truly do move the Sun through the sky, then the altitude for the Sun would be the same at all locations. I am unsure of why the Sun would be at the same height as the Pillars in some places and not in others, but I can suggest a possible explanation.

Magic that is strong enough to move objects through space is something I don't fully understand, but I will try to explain my point of view. As is stated in the writings on the Principle of Transposition, a very complex identity (teleportation) can be reproduced with the same affects in a much simpler form (the Pillars). In order to move objects, the Pillars must be impregnated with a vast amount of Magic, and probably only a Master (or 20) would be able to create such Pillars.

To destroy the Pillars and the Magic they possess would be difficult at best, and a much more plausible solution is to create a binding Illusion. Such an Illusion would latch on the Pillars, most likely changing their physical features, and stop the motion of the Sun throughout all of MD. The damage such an Illusion created is likely irreversible, hence the forever broken nature of the Pillars, however the spell itself seems to be wearing off. When an Illusion spell wears off, it will wear off first where the identity it hides is strongest. The Illusion wore off most quickly in the Pillars, which is to be expected, however other sites that have to do with the Sun will also wear the Illusion off more quickly than the rest of Magic Duel.

Such Sites could be: Wasp's Alter, Wasps's Totem, Raven Hold, Oak Fort, Agien's Shrine, Wind's Sanctuary, Path of Loneliness, Accursed Growth, Ivory Lighthouse.

Therefore, the spell that moves the Sun still exists, and as time goes on (and perhaps as the Balance shifts one way or another) the Illusion spell that covers it is wearing off, first in the Pillars and then in spots that are closely connected with Night and Day.

[b]In summary I will give my theory in one sentence: The Pillars of Harmony moved or move the Sun and the Moon through the sky, but currently do not because an Illusion was cast over it to prevent the motion.[/b]

If you are wondering what will happen if the Illusion fully wears off, I truly don't know. Perhaps the ancient spell no longer works, and a new one needs to be crafted to welcome Night once again. Perhaps it does work, and night will be once again introduced. I am a lowly amateur astronomer and theorist, how should I know?

If you have qualms, corrections, changes, anything, please make them.


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Hi, just some ideias to consider...

The sun doesnt set, at this time this is a fact in MD land.
However this doesnt necessarily mean the sun stopped moving. The truth is it could have always been still.
Now if the planet that MD land is on stopped rotating on itself day and night would freeze. One side of the planet would always be day and the other night. If MD land was on the side that it always day, night would never come. If we measured the distance from some places in MD land to the sun (if the planet is round) some distances would be the same and some would be diferent considering a curved surface of the planet.
We would still have seasons because the planet would still move around the sun but no day and night cycle.

Not seeing the moon is a diferent matter. If in the MD planet we need night to be able to see the moon, then having a constant day would make it impossible to see. Another option is of course the pillars might also control the moon's rotation around the planet. If this was the case then the moon could be "stuck" on the night side of the planet, and we would not be able to see it.

All this depends on a few things:we need a ball shaped planet, MD planet is big enough to make MD land stay on its day side, the planet moves around the sun, the planet moves around it self, the moon moves around the planet.

thanks for reading,

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There was at one time night, in fact Jack Willow and Daniel Raven, and possibly Marind have seen night.

There was a night, and there was a moon, at one point in MD history. Also if you read the words of Greggory Macefist, there is evidence there for both night and day as well.


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[quote name='RobLucci' post='23326' date='Jan 4 2009, 01:53 AM']It has something to do with constellations... and why the hell did the sun hid the moon?!... ahaha just some random opinion[/quote]
Its called a solar eclipse. Think about it.

My first thought when I saw the pillars was that they reminded me strangely of Stonehenge.. but Stonehenge is used to take note of something involving the sun, perhaps the pillars are the opposite?

Not sure, my thoughts though.. I've not read much about the pillars or about golemus in general, but I do know for sure that there was once a night sky above Magicduel, and if there is only day now- the night sky still exists over a blanket of light.

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I only know that the pillars of harmony can teleport us...
Last time in the MD Festival, the gate to GG is open and when I reached the pillars I don't know if I successfully activated the pillars and I was warped somewhere in no Man's Land...

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I got a odd idea, everyone who was at the wedding of ailith and king bull had a dream a very short one. I had the same one later thanks to raven it shows what appears to be the lands we know as MD surrounded by a dome that appears as light under the night sky. what if it not that the sun isn't setting that if we merely never see that, appears all a illusion that only makes it appear to be always day is far simplier and easier to use then something that actually stops the sun from setting and sometimes simple things work best. now how that relates to the pillar when you open a gate even if it fails for a sec there is a glow that looks alot like heat and both look a lot sunlight in my opinion, maybe the pillars a powered by something like heat and that the dome of sunlight is created by the same power, so if one could find and shut that power, I would almost bet my drachorn that the pillars could take you there, or maybe I misunderstand something and this is all flawed who knows

p.s. sorry about the spoilers but there needed for my reasoning, if anyone wants I'll add spoiler tags

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destroy that "dome" if you dare, before you try i will personally execute you, next time ask dreamcatcher to show you same dream, and then open your eyes much better, that dome surrounds only Marind's Bell, also just one more thing, since you dont believe what i say, then look at this

Page 347 [2008-11-21 03:43:43 - The Inner Sun - Noo.]
In the direction of Marind Bell, there is another light. It seems odd and surrounds the land. Before No One has a chance to analyze what he sees, the moon fades, the stars disappear, and the sky lightens again. He then hears an odd thumping. Looking at the source, he sees the puppy ramming against the bubble.

you wont be able to see sun and moon in lands of marind's bell and necrovion, remember that, i already said too much, and good thing i did that i spoke with bootes about this and tarquinus too, they had same thoughts as you, you all aimed to get rid of that dome, i wonder why you dont want get rid of dark dome that surrounds necrovion

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wouldn't repairing the pillers restore the normal movement as this planet seems to be rotating rather slowly..... is it possable the our planet is in a lone system with 2 stars in a rather distant orbit and our planet does not rotate around the stars because it is orbit around one as if it was a second sun in a normal duel-star system and in the middle of both stars our planet is simply rotating, making it so that we still see the sun moving but the other sun comes up just after the first sun sets, and because one of the suns rotates around the other sun and us, but that second sun on the outside rotates slowly around us and the other sun, making it so that cunnently there is no night but at a time long ago there may have been both stars close to each other so that we see both of them at once and not seperatly and when the planet stopped rotating we were stuck on the side with the inner sun facing us and the outer sun eventually traveled out behind us and is where it is today when our planet started rotating again, and i also think the outer sun is a white dwarf or a more powerfull version of it not yet recorded but weaker than the inner sun wich made it so that only one sun apeared in the sky so long ago.....

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to Liberty:shocking I didn't need poof as I said I could be wrong somewhere, and read my papers if it protect's the bell then indeed it must stay up

to bored: thats actually fairly good reasoning

oh and just some I forgot in my last post, it does not need to be night to see the moon,

on the darkness in necro because I like some of those people,

and if you've said too much it means you've said far too little, if you don't want people wanting to remove it, explain why it needs to be up, otherwise someone at some point will take it down, not knowing that they are doing something wrong

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If I may summarize for my own understanding and others we have a two theories. Please correct me if I am wrong.

1. There is a dome that surrounds Magic Duel which has the image of a sun doing circle inscribed on it. Where do the Pillars fit into this?

2. The Pillars move the Sun, and do not let it set because they are broken.

I am Bored: Your theory is intriguing, but there is only one sun, not two. If I read incorrectly, please explain further. What I understood is that there are two suns, so that when one sets the other rises. However we know that there is one sun in the middle of the sky making a small circle in the center of the sky.


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I read that, but it doesn't mean there can't be two domes. Often times inner parts reflect outer parts.

Think of this for example: [url="http://mandelbrot.collettivamente.com/"]http://mandelbrot.collettivamente.com/[/url]


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