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Victory, Pain, Fun, Loss = heads contest

Death Bell

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OMG guys this month i had freaking awesome FUN Total FUN. :good: :lol:

Hehe i would love to thank Dark Priestess and Jtz champion and nero and evil santa (& his other acc hated) and jinta shock...

Omg it was totally fun chasing dark all around Magic duel lands... hehe. going around and around lore root, mda lands, winds sanc, marind bell gates... hehe... but i could never capture her... but that never put me down.. i tried harder and then caught her off guard lol ^_^ took about **** heads and another time *** heads. It was all for fun and not to try and win the contest.

I had dark as my target because i can remember telling her that i will get stronger and kick her ass... as soon as i am done with my training of my creatures.. and it seems i finished by training faster thanks to mur's gifts hehe.. got quite a good won fights and exp :) and a maxed creature.. :D

Then came evil santa... i hit him for i didnt want to let him pass dark since i slowed her down by attacking her... so i took his heads but i also was damaged for after taking his heads jinta attacked me and i could block it but the third attack from hated got me :)

Then jinta i was so pissed at him.... for he only attacked me when i went offline both times.. first time he won for i forgot to unbind the healing ritual.. :P but next time he hit me when i went offline he got a surprise :P LOL
(i told dst to just check him out to see if he was clean :P)

TOTALLY I HAD MAD CRAZY FUN :D and want to know about your experience about this months contest doesn't matter which mp you belong to.. just share your experience.

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(spoken with mp3 context, I dunno about other mp lvls)

Me? Well, my alt, algojo, was originally aiming for 1st this contest, on mp3. I could defeat champ, dark, neuro and santa at their full power, but I finally decided to postpone participating until next month. Taking out champ usually leaves me with only 4-10% VE left (since I only have 3k max VE, which was my biggest flaw), and the other three giants of mp3 took out around 50% of my VE each battle, thus weakening me too much everytime I fight them. At first I considered this okay, since there is not many that can take my heads anyways, so when I recover from my wounds, I was hoping that the 4 giants, who were the most likely to take the heads from me, were not going to be around when I had just went through a big battle.


Apparently, Mp3 has become very organized as well, with factions ready with eyes everywhere, that everytime I had just went from a major battle, somebody was ready to hunt me down and take my heads. Something I regret a bit, actually, since I had experienced organized HCs before on other mp lvls, and I was trying to just go for a contest that is not so full of factions to fight, instead being more of personal contests. Not to mention having to fight previous HC winners, who has access to crazy stats (though this is actually part of what makes it fun). Thus, I quit on the middle of the contest and went celebrating new year instead =D
Still, the days when i did participate was kinda fun, despite the organized thingy I weren't looking forward to. I had fun hunting champ, dark and neuro on the early days, when they were still online a lot and hadn't needed to hide too often. We shared laughs over our combat and chatted a lot during the early days. I even ended up preparing to make some pacts with people since the HC was beginning to be too hard for a one-man army to take on alone (not with a bunch of organized real army to fight), before I finally choose to just skip it for a month.
The winners deserved their victory, as they were indeed the strongest ones on mp3, so it was natural that they win this contest of strength. It was fun, and I look forward to the next contest. Hopefully, with the recent rule changes, I will be able to actually play an individual vs individual game next contest. =)
Guess it's time to start training my other alt.. he is so going to be stronger than algojo =)

OT: the rule change about jumping, does it mean that the heads we carry will be reset, or does it refer to the score being reset?

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lol then i am going to have a tough time next month also.. for i am aiming for next month :P and after you took dark's head it was me.. lol i was the one who took it later.. Sorry i forgot to add you in the list of fun but i knew in the start it self i was going to have trouble with you... I knew when you stopped collecting heads you are going to give me trouble the coming month... could we make a plan or something :P and negotiate ^_^
Whats the other account's name that is going to be stronger than algojo?

Hey wanna duel with my character again mate (remember when you kicked my creatures asses while i was getting metal bunny's spell document :P) I want to go again.. and check something out :) your creatures look freaky strong specially since you were lucky enough to get the joker lvl 3 from christmas gifts :)

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why don't you make a mp3 account.. and try to get it powerful enough to kill me.... and algojo i think i am strong enough to kill you, last time you won for i had only a little vit of my total and one of my creatures wasn't full health and that wasn't even my powerful ritual :D I don't like to give excuses so i would love to have our rematch to show you my power :D

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I managed to gain a massive amount of heads that I didnt want! :D

Then I was under constant attack for the entire day untill some one managed to get a vitory from me. He had to attack quite a few times for it though....

(its the hangover from the holidays, no body can be botherd to log on!)

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Ok...the montly topic with ranting (or not) about the HC. Those topics are like fungus: you never get ride of them. They spawn each month when HC ends. But this doesn't mean I cannot try and fight them ;). Clooosed.

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