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odd acryonyms

I am Bored

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Last semester, I had the lesson: Organizational Design and Dynamics.. the teacher and this teaching method was so... odd, that we say "it's indeed [b]O[/b]rganizational [b]D[/b]esign and [b]D[/b]ynamics, after all... "

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bored, it seams like this hovering method doesnt work for me lol

btw i like this ones, and ofc i must add examples and explanations

DST, or daylight saving time, is both a blessing and a curse. Its purpose is to make the day longer (daylight saving) by setting clocks forward one hour. This initially screws us over by depriving us of one hour of sleep on the first saturday night in April. However, it also allows us to enjoy the sunlight for an extra hour in the summertime, letting us party hardy every night for that extra 60 minutes.
Jim: DST [spoiler]fucked[/spoiler] me over last night, I only got 5 hours of sleep.
Bill: Yeah but think of all the extra daylight we will have this summer, during which we can party hardy.

STF - Sa te fut
Romanian abbreviation for [spoiler]"fuck you"[/spoiler]
STF - Stands for [spoiler]Shit[/spoiler] Thats Funny. Replaces the older, tired phrase, lol.

and i put into spoiler tags words that should not be seen :rolleyes:

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I did not do such a thing to Jim! No no no. He is lying! I don't even know anyone that goes by that name!

On topic:
DST=Department of Science and Technology
DST=Disc Stack Tehnology
DST=Data Storage Technology
DST=Direction de la surveillance du territoire etc etc
Just ask wiki :rolleyes:

Oh...if you scramble the letters you'll get STD :)
Second oh: in romanian PM is an abbreviation used for 2 nasty and frequent swears. So at the beginning every time I saw PM I was: what? what is with that language! Now when I see PM (even if it's the swear) I think...oh...personal message :D

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