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MDNP Registration office


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This is the place to register your interest for the Magic Duel Newspaper

Here is the current list of staff and their departments, please pick one that is NOT fully staffed
Heads report
Marka Ragnos - Writer

AL summary

Eggsy - Proofreader
Innocence - Writer

New game developments

Apophys – Proofreader/editor
Crazy Mike – Reporter

Strategy compendium

Queen Ailith Bull - Proofreader
Burns - Writer

RP events

Jazira - Proofreader
Cryxus – Reporter
Puzzle page[/b]

Silver Renard – Proofreader

[b]Calendar dates[/b]

RPC interviews

Kouros – Editor/Proofreader
Pamplemousse - Reporter
Innocence – Reporter
Udgard – Intro writer

Gossip column

Shadowseeker - Proofreader
Pamplemousse – Reporter
Innocence – Reporter
Burns - Reporter

[b]Comic Strip[/b]

Glor Damar – Artist
Amoran - Artist

[b]Historical section[/b]

Eggsy - Proofreader

[b]Fictional stories[/b]

Sage - Writer
Ailith – Proofreader

Quest list

Eggsy - Proofreader
Glaistig - Reporter

Special interest

Grido – Proofreader/editor
Innocence - Reporter

Bootes - writers

Q & A

Grido – Proofreader/Editor
Logan Marquis – Writer

Alternative news

Grido – Proofreader/editor
Firsanthalas - Writer

When selecting what you would like to do, please choose form the [b]BOLD[/b] categories only as others are fully staffed.

Also, feel free to suggest your own sections or submit any letters for our staff, letters to the editor etc.

Thank you for your support in advance.
Editor in Chief - Magic Duel Newspaper

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Marka: That's great.

Jester: We'd love to have you on board if you feel you can put the time to the project.

It's your call.

Marka, i've put you on the heads contest report. Jester if you DO decide you can put time and effort into the project then you can edit/proofread Marka's work and i'll put you in the same dept.


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Hmm.. how much time it would take, eh? Well, it depends on how much you want to help out and how long you take to proofread. It's going to be rather irregular because you'll have work only when the writer finishes his, and we haven't even established release dates. I think if you do only one department as Garg is saying, you shouldn't have to spend time every day and it should be only a little time at that.

Any help is appreciated!

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Still need someone to do the Puzzles section? What kind of puzzles are needed, or is it just any puzzles? I could probably help with it.

Edit: As long as it isnt supposed to be like what Gargant's quests are like :D

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Hey guys, I am extremely new to this game and I guess I'll have a lot to do to figure out how it works. I am an experienced Pen&Paper/LARP RPGler though and can tell already from just being here for barely 3 days that this game is absolutely amazing!!! So, if you need any help I would like to contribute to this newspaper project. Consider this post as a volunteering for proofreading.

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