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feeling of magic

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  • Root Admin

i was thinking to tell you a short story aout how the spell casting will be in the game.

I am working right now on it and i was thinking to hear your reaction about it before it will be ready.

I'll try to recreate the thing step by step the best i can. Things may come out different when it will be ready.


spells will be active for each player, just that you wont know what spellwords each spell has. There will be places in the game and in the story that tell you about those words. Once you think you discovered sone magical words , write them down!

in the game interface there will be a way to enter those words, i dont know exaclty where and how.

Depending on principle points you will be able to upgrade the learned spells, each spell will require one different principle point for each level: example:

invisibility level 1 , requires principle of darkness

invisibility level 2 , requires principle of darkness plus principle of entropy

invisibility level 3 , requires principle of darkness plus entropy plus imagination

and so on

basicaly at level 7 (maximum) you will need to have mindpower 7 and replay the story 4 times allready

..so to cast a spell you only need to know the right words and type them, thats it, no activation, no buying of spells, nothing, they are all there you just need to figure them out and that you will do with cles from the story and on different locations in the map.

Dont worry you wont be able to post them on a forum after you learn them, they will be unique for each account, dont ask me how i will do that..i'm working on it for some time... also if you try a spell and type it wrong it will be painfull so no testing of possible spell words.

after you type those words and possible a target player, the spell begins, it will be active for a limited time. Some spells depending on level can affect multiple players selected by guild.

example of simple spell:

~~ shades away mi dir muday : will cast invisibility on self, no other player will be able to see you online and attack you for some time

example of high level spell:

~~ el narud narin fire clean them all: will cast ring of fire to all players online in same location and not from same guild. this spell will do damage to all players with 'heat' and will send back to capitol all players with vitality zero.

example of targeted spell

~~ duran dur defend Lucren

Lucren is a playername, this spell will target that player if he is in same location with the castet and will increase defence temporary (double it)

these are just examples i made up right now.

Once a spell is casted on you, your interface will change a bit showing this...maybe things will start to sparkle for good spells or black things will invade you for evil spells. you will also see a notification of who is performing that spell.

some spells will require collaboration of multiple players , for example, allied players can cast something to make them more receptive to magic and one player will cast then a booster spell to grant them temporary incresed skills.

There wont be any mana points, spells will consume vitality , action and exploring points.

thats it for now, i wait for a reaction from you about this..do you think it will be dificult to play or what other problems do you think might appear during gameplay...just shoot your ideas about this and i will think what is usefull and what not, thank you.

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In all honesty I'm not sure if this will work...

Personally I would prefer to see a system where you can't buy/learn the spells like you said but have to find the words in the story. But once you have typed it out like your idea, you wont have to type it to cast it again making life a lot easier.

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I like it and not just because my name was used in the post it makes it so you have to pay attention and use yer head to learn spells

I would say to make it so new palyers cant copy your spells have a personal casting line like a little typeing box that only the user can see

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In all honesty I'm not sure if this will work...

Personally I would prefer to see a system where you can't buy/learn the spells like you said but have to find the words in the story. But once you have typed it out like your idea, you wont have to type it to cast it again making life a lot easier.

I think it's very cool and new but like you said, when you type it wrong it will be painfull, so when you enter it wrong because you're typing too fast because you're in enemy territory and you enter something like "duran dut" instead of "duran dur" then the spell would fail and you would get hurt? or isn't that what you mean?

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that doesnt seem so bad to me, since the best guild would most likely find spells first.

i dont agree one bit with "finding" spells. its luck, no skill involves. buying spells requires you to work towards them, whether it costs VP, or honor, or battles won, etc. it may be unique, but i dont think it is unique in a good way. a mediocre player could become stronger than one of the best players on the server by luck. i believe you should be rewarded for putting time into the game, not luck.

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  • Root Admin

no its not about luck, its about discovering the game.

When i say find i dont mean randomly find them in random places, i mean, they will be in certain places, and your goal is to discover those places, be it in the story or on the map.

So people who will get deeper into the game will get more spells and creature types and people that will play longer/active will get more skills and upgraded creatures ... its a bit dificult to understand if you compare it to other games but it makes sense to this game at least.

Nothing is random in this game, except the luck effect maybe :P

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  • 9 months later...

I like your idea a lot King Manu, but it wouldn't it be better once you found that particular list of words/letters that you'd store them in a spell book and not on a tonne of scrap paper next to your computer? I imagine the following when you want to use a spell: first, select your spell book from the side bar (under the swords button?); now either select target(s) or area and then go to spell category, or vice versa select spell category first then targets; afterwards select the spell, (select the level?) have that spell highlighted and enlarged in the list; then type that spell name in the spell activation box at the bottom of the book. Also while you are correctly typing the spell have a magic/spell bar fill up, you know like an animation and if it goes wrong you'll have a "blinding" white appear all over the screen suddenly, as it fades you see your spell book shake a bit till it stops. Now you can try again if possible. I don't know if this is repeating your idea or not, but I imagine this is how it would or should work.

I would also like to add that besides needing a second/third principle for a certain spell, have also a mixing of the principles in terms of percentages. Say for Invisibility you choose 50% darkness, 20% entropy and 30% imagination. The right mix would depend on your skill levels or any other rating system and perhaps even your opponent. Another thought just struck me, have an "intelligence report" spell so that you can figure out what principles your enemy has and perhaps other info etc. Your opponent would of course know of your intelligence gathering and perhaps even have have a disinformation spell set up for that purpose :P

I don't know if these ideas would complicate things too much, but here's my two cents any how :)

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I think its a great idea, and i love the bit where if u type it wrong u pay the consequences, as if u were a real life spellcaster n u said the words wrong or stressed the wrong syllables, u paid the consequences of it. I think it keeps it more realistic. Looking forward to it.....damn..... i knew i should have picked darkness lol

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