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Weapons and armour


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I was just wondering, stats help your creatures in some unkown way when you send them to fight, but how would you having armour on help your creatures? They wouldn't use your sword to defeat your enemies, or your shield to protect themselves... What do you think?

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So they are all magic armours? Interesting... But in that case: Why do we have sharp stuff as weapons? Wouldn't a stone or a book be of just as much use? And why armour? I'm sure different clothing would be able to give a strong boost as well? and why do weapons boost attack and armour defence?

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I understand your point. And I think in this case the answer is: Because.

I admit that a Pink Coach Purse that increased my stats as much as a sword or armor would be a the top of my wish list though. lol

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[quote name='Parsifal' post='25874' date='Feb 23 2009, 01:38 AM']Maybe this will be helpful:

This does clarify things.

The weapon and armor enhance your skills.

Pray power is how much of yourself is invested in the combat. Are you running on auto-pilot or are you totally present and using everything you have ever learned? The answer to that gives the percentage of your skills inherent with each creature or "shape" you take. Remember the creatures reflect the ways you as an individual do combat.

There are magics where a a fighter conjures up copies of herself to confuse and do battle with her opponent. Our army of creatures is like this. We either take a single form and invest all of our pray power into that one form, or we divide up into 2 to 6 forms. This requires concentration. As we are maintaining multiple shapes each gets only a fraction of our pray power.

Each "shape" we take on has it's own inherent advantages and disadvantages. These are reflected as the creature's base stats. The fighter's skills and vitality, enhanced by the armor she is wearing and her weapon, are then divided into each of the forms we assume for the purpose of combat.

Mur's point is that we all learn to do combat in different ways. Sometimes we are very aggressive and brutish like grassans, other time we stay at a safe distance like archers, other time we simply shelter ourselves like trees. Sometimes we use multiple tactics simultaneously. Then we appear as an army.

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That still does not tell me why wearing armour helps those creatures, as the armour is physical, and using the creatures is "spiritual", your armour does not protect the creatures... It protects you, not in spirit but in body. Or why armour boosts their defence and weapons their attack.

And I think you got it dark, now just the question why...

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