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[quote name='Liberty4life' post='26110' date='Mar 1 2009, 05:11 AM']well blacky is still drawing isnt he?

and it would be better to ask calyx for putting up announcement on this matter, coz i saw a few players which could be interested in drawing for game, cant remember names thought[/quote]

BlackThorn is still drawing for now, but it appears that he will be taking a step back. I won't speak for him beyond that. Regardless, we are in desperate need of artists who are competent. I will not allow anyone to do work on the game unless they are, in my mind, equal to me or better. I do have a job for some who show promise but still need practice, so I'm not excluding people who are less skilled but willing to work at their art. I have no place for anyone who does not have skill and does not have the desire to work hard and improve.

We may consider having an announcement placed in the game, however we will wait for a time before doing so. Consider this "targeted" advertising. I'd prefer to see work samples from people that are interested in the game art and can see what has and has not been accepted in the past.

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