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Sorry is in order


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As my description begins, 2 days ago I flamed Mur and I am here now to say I am sorry for it.

I will briefly explain myself. Though I don't think I was totally out of line, I was, non-the-less, out of line. My only argument is that I felt our talented (no sarcasm.....seriously) developer went about his, tongue lashing of RPC's the wrong way. Much the same way I did in my criticism of him. Though he didnt attack anyone personally as I did him.

For this, I am sorry. It was uncalled for and kind of cruel. Mur, you are most likely a smarter man than I (again, no sarcasm). 1. You have made an almost revolutionary game in my opinion. 2. You are obviously at least Bilingual, for that, you are owed much more respect than I gave you in my first Topic.

Again, I am sorry for my very non-polite outburst the other day. You are doing a great job.

As for the rest of you who posted in response to my previous post. Most of which I didn't get to see because I was banned from the topic. Kind of lame when I was its creator.

I think most, if not all of you are just kiss ass, lap-dogs who's only reason in responding negatively to my post is to try to be on the devs good side. You all thought I was a doomed man, I have no doubt. I find it hard to believe that absolutely nobody at least agreed with me that Mur could have handled the announcement in question a little differently. I could care less of what those of you think of me. This post saying sorry is to Mur, and Mur alone. I will still be the evil assassin on MD seeking out you grunts who seek nothing other than being noticed positively by the devs.

For those of you who may have, at least in part, agreed with the base of my original argument. Yet stayed quite for whatever reason. I commend you for doing so. Staying quite is not an easy thing to do. Well, not for me anyway:)

One last thing. Id like to thank Mur ( I really hope I remember his name correctly) for not banning me. It took some self control on your part not to I bet. You have the power to do it, and probably wanted to, but didn't. Thank you.

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No, the topic got banned because you outright insulted him. Calling him a d*mb *ss, that clear enough?
Also, you probably don't know this yet, but this is how Mur talks to people, the RPC's, the LHO, the public, everyone. Because (and that was posted in the announcement) he does see us all as equal.

There is a difference between kiss-ass and knowing when you are defending a person with a different point of view, which in this situation, should clarify that which you didn't clarify for yourself yet. (you already apologized for and acknowledged that he is a talented man with a creative and original idea, works hard and at least can understand english, even though it isn't his native language)

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Personally, I dont know Mur. But for him to be doing what he's doing with this game, which would be trying to make it better for EVERYONE, is simply amazing by itself, no matter what language.

If some people decide to disobey the rules he created, then I say it's his decision to make about what diciplines to use and how to go about it...in my own..very unneeded opinion...

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