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All-Star Contest


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Ok, here's a new idea for people who already won a head contest: The All-Star Contest!

It's reserved for those who are excluded from HC, and MP5 only (there are not that many people on 3 and 4 who have already won a contest... and to few people in MP6 to have a contest at all)

It starts at the the same time as the HC, and is closely conntected to it, keeping the hunting part alive^^

The plan is simple: Mur already coded a way to exclude winners from HC, so it shouldn't be a problem to insert a slightly changed code: Give people a star instead of nothing.

To avoid messing the HC just for our personal fun, we can only get a star (or golden heads, blue circle or a pink ribon B) ) for getting a LOSS [defeated/sheath balance] against someone holding a bunch of heads, say 50 or 100.

Those Stars have huge stat-damage as there are fewer of them around, like 20 times the damage of a head, and can be taken from other veterans by getting a vic against the one holding the stars, just like heads in HC.

There should be absolutely NO rewards, no stats, no credits, not even a medal, it's just a fun contest you can compete in :)

For counting the scores, there should be a random timer as for the HC, and the contest ends when the HC ends. Whoever has the most points wins, but doesn't get anything^^

NOTE: This idea is NOT related to the 'New HC' topic, even though one doesn't mess with the other...

Just like the other topic we made about the normal HC, the startpost will be edited by us as the idea evolves or changes. Please leave your opinions and/or support below

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I don't really see a need for that as you won't gain those new "star" like things if you want to avoid it, there's not that many people who've won and are on, and attacking someone with over 50 or 100 heads and getting a loss is something you'd need to try, carrying one star isn't that bad would you happen to lose anyway, you carry heads now as well occasionally, it's not that hard to lose them.

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