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Is it just me or is it really a bummer when you hit MP4 and *if you do 24 hour meditate like i do* you have this big lull of time where ya can't do anything. Right during festival days too:( I shoulda just stayed an MP3 for another week or so.

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theoretically the fest after this would be in Autumn, but focus on the current one before thinking about the furture anyway ^_^

ye, it is a bit of a bummer, but then again, it's what got me to join the forums, so it makes it all better again, having it during the fest is a bit of bad luck, but you should get at least a week of the fest after the story ends

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there are more options than 5 minutes and 24 hours. for mp4, waiting 24 hours can be nice, but its nearly as good to do story before you are going to sleep, meditate for 12 hours (80% bonus) and continue next day. check in in the morning, choose 8 hours meditation and check back after work, etc. if you are an active player, at mp5 stats are no reason to go 24h all the time, since you can get them faster by fighting. but if you are more the occasional player, going for 24h wont hurt.

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