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A Declaration of Piracy


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[center]I would like to state that i Cryxus X'hal have taken over the Savelites for an undertermined amount of time until such a time as my own personal alliance is created, or i get 100 coins, ransom.

Welcome to piracy.


P.S. I have only kicked King Bull and White Reaper, even a captain has got to have a heart ^_^

also i kicked tankfans and Prince DarkMagic for trying to take it from me[/center]

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tankfans i do, you were the only one online when he was invited, but if you stick with me once i get in a more secure position i will reinvite, i promise, i appreciate your dedication to your alliance, and as such i do not fault you... i am sorry if you feel i have wronged you, i tried to engage you in conversation, i called council, did everything i could...but i promise you will be invited back in the very near future

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Hey Cryxus you know that i was going to advise you to do this!?Lol....but i didnt know which alliace since i was afraid of getting expelled(was trying to find an alliance without a threat with loreroot)...XDI wish i could have helped....XD I was sooo in the mood to have fun.....

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[center]I belong to his crew, thus I am involved in this. And I support it. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the job of a pirate. To plunder lands and take their treasure.

Cheers to the Captain!

P.S. yarr [/center]

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omfg lol, nice first everyone was abusing savelites alliance who ever saw it fit to do so, now cryxus overtook it, and then he lost it, and now its all pointless, savel is no more, nihal (guardian of church) isnt playing anymore and morquor (high priest) is thrown out of alliance as well, although he isnt playing much he is idle almost always when he is online, so tell me is there any point for this alliance anymore?

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