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As the name of the topic says: Do we need 5 pages of topics with "hello", "hi", "aloha", whatever? And now the new is trend that even if you are a fossil player (aka old one) but you haven't opened a "hello topic" when you were a noob now's the time! "Hello topics" all the way! Grr...I hate them!!!

I remember raising the same issue some months ago and back then the majority decided that yes, we need them. But WHY? Please think and post you opinions(I want reasons not just Yes and No. If you don't provide reasons -and not stupid ones like:"cause I said so" better not post cause I will delete the post! And yes...I am mean today.). My finger itches so bad to press the close and flush down the drain button...you have no idea.

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I want to apologize if my previous post was some how the trigger for this thread. My post was meant to be fun and entertaining and was a way for me to reintroduce myself to the MD community. When I first came here I met lots of people in this forum and I think that it would be a shame if new members can't introduce themselves.

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;) It was not you that trigger this topic but an old obsession of mine. I try to stay out of the "Hello topics" part of the forum but from time to time I go there and see all those topics and I just don't see the point of having so many when we can have just 1.
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New rule: I will close all "hello kitty" topics after 1 month and stuck them in a biig giant "hello dog" topic.
Also, if you have more than one of the following and you make a "hello kitty" topic I will delete it:
-40 posts
-3 months in the game (active days)

Open to suggestions.

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Aww, now i dont get to post my own "hello" topic after all this time...

oh well,
back to the drawing board.


Edited by cryxus
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well, a separate thread for each new user saying hello
makes the new person feel welcome when others reply to the topic
and would also make new people easier to find
compared to one huge thread of hello
where the post of the new player introducing him/herself may be buried
underneath all the others welcoming them

if it bothers your sense of forum tidiness
or activates your obsessive compulsiveness

your idea of sticking old hello threads into a dump thread is nice
what would be nicer is if you could extend your compulsiveness
to make a table of contents on the 1st page so each player's thread
can be linked on the 1st page

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I have a thing for tidiness but hey! I am no masochist! I am a bit of a sadist but that's another story. :D Making a table of contents is a good idea but it would imply huuge amount of work on a subject I do not like. I am a moderator for this forum because I like what I am doing and I like the fact that nobody put pressure on me into doing things I dislike.

I know, you were giving just a suggestion and I am just replying to it. :)

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Burns, I will give you mu e-mail address: send the every morning hello there please instead of opening a new topic. That way at the end of the week I can delete all my e-mails without having to read them first like I have to do with the posts :D

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