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Lists of Offenders


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[size=4][b]Starting over with June, 2009[/b][/size]

[b]I'd like to ask that if you post, please only post once, and edit your posts as necessary. I do not like to see several posts by a single person for the same reason each time. :P Thank you[/b]

If you have sent a message to someone who is on the list 'To Be Messaged' , please post and give the name of the one you have sent the message to.

[b]To Be Reported :[/b]

Vasilius - report by Princ Rheagar

[b]Have Been Reported - Number of Times Reported :[/b]

- Vasilius ( 1 ) - waryono ( 3 )

[b]To Be Messaged - This is so that who ever sees them, may message them :[/b]

- Gothic Goddess - hogar - IkHmil -

[b]Have Been Messaged - How many times message has been sent - How they've responded :[/b]

- ChromeZoltan - Freezeblink - Alvar Hanso - Devalon - Thunder Lord -

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I would like the Dojo Staff members, as well as Trainees, to start using this forum more often. It will help keep track of who's been messaged and how many times. If they've been messaged twice, by two different people, and they do not know of it, how can that person be reported? I may not have the authority I once had, but this should not be a one person operation. Please start posting the names here and keeping up with them.

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On Topic : I believe Vasilius needs to be reported to Calyx. I remember him being reported once before by myself.

Freezeblink knows the rules, so I do not know why he disobeyed them now.

Off Topic : I will peek into the Realm everyone once in a while, but I will not be able to hold any positions of any sort. I will not be able to play much at all anymore :P

Edit : I have edited the list of offenders to include all listed above this post.

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And? That is not forbidden <_<

The ones that are good will now how to defend. The other ones will have to suffer:p

And why reveal this on the topic made for the dojo offenders?
At a superficial look someone might think he is a dojo offender and he is not as far as I know. :)

Done as you asked Jazira.

But I still think it is not fair to report a person just cause he/she uses a rit that some consider unfair.

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Please limit your posts to ONE. I have asked this in the first and third post here, to EDIT your post to include any new offenders. Please do not continue to post un-needed things here. <_< Thank you.

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Updated List of Violators

[s]Blood Princ[/s]
King Broily

This list will be updated ever so often. PM me privately again (on borrowed computer that is slow as molasses) with new violators.

Apprentice Dojo Mistress

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Pmed twice no reply. At least opened them.

Reported by Sorata Arisugawa and me

Attacked many times after being told to stop.

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Messaged without a reply:

(they received mail, but haven't respond)

and several i dont remember, but i posted in their public log


Devalon, Jun 21 21:48:29 ~ Day: 171 ~ attacked Sir Drunkenalot

IkHmiL to be messaged, attacked Fenrir Greycloth

Thunder Lord, Jun 25, attacked Fawe several times

hogar attacked Lady Renata, 05-06-2009 09:54:11

Alvar Hanso violated the Dojo, attacked Blackwood Forest


Kiona D; Xyeo ; mojojoe (reported by Miidorii)

Fenrir Greylcloth (dared to attack me) 28-07-2009 17:07:02

No One, attacked Starfox (to be messaged)

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