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Welcome To The Central Market

Fenrir Greycloth

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Hello there!

*pauses as he flourishes his arm to the area behind him*

Welcome to the Central Market! We conduct various trades here, including creature and item trades, as well as job listings. You will find various creatures to buy here, however you must know that if you sell your prized Elemental V, your customer will only get the first form, an egg. So, please, be careful!

As for the selling and buying of items, coins are the main currency, a very expensive commodity. So, over pricing your creatures or items will not bode you well. *smiles as he turns back to the various stalls behind him*

Choose your stall and set it up! *grins*

Gooday to you!

[quote]To help keep this section organized, please use the following format:

Topic Name: WTS(Want to Sell), WTT(Want to Trade), or WTB(Want to Buy) and then the item you wish to sell/trade/purchase.

Body: What you would like to sell/trade/buy the aforementioned item/creature for.

Please be reasonable with your pricing. An offer of knator for a Rusty Drachorn will not sell.

Once you have completed a trade, please say so in your thread. This will help me when it comes to cleaning up the dead threads. [/quote]

As the CTC and the Market have been combined, you may now post job listings and MD related economy discussions here as well!

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Updating with 2 new rules:

1)Threads that have the last post older then 1 month will be closed.However, they can be opened if the starter of the thread sends one of the mods an opening request.It's better NOT to start several topics with the same offer/request.We might consider it spam and act accordingly.
2)Bumps should be used least 2 or 3 days since the previous post. Bumping your thread daily will not help too much. Also bumping is NOT a way to get your number of posts increased.

And a small request (you can read it in the first post also) but I must insist on it:
If you have closed a deal or you have dropped it (for various reasons) PLEASE post it in the thread so we can close it.

This list is opened to suggestions. If you have them PM one of the mods.

Please, let's keep this part of the forum (which is highly active) clean and dry! Yes, same as a baby bottoms ^_^ Cause sometimes it gets full of *cough*.
Thank you and happy trading! ^_^

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  • Root Admin

You can use the tags as part of the post to tag what creature you are buying and selling. Then people can find posts dealing with those creatures easily! i have went through tagging some posts to illustrate the point (which shows up as me editing them)

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