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I have gotten used to not having the sidebar for all this time, and I'm beginning to think that this downtime was actually a benefit to the game.

Is it possible to add a box that turns the sidebar slider and notification on and off? It slows down my game and makes me miss PMs. Thank you.


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[quote name='Grido' post='29160' date='Apr 21 2009, 07:41 PM']what about a change password thing? or rather reset password, sends e-mail to you, click on link to change pass?[/quote]

Totally agree with that. Currently if anyone gets your pass you are...erm...can I say "screwed" on the forum? :P

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changiny your password is a must for something like this. my base password has changed a few times since my account has been created and it is getting harder and harder to remember the hash for it.

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A "My Profile" section is definately missing in this game. This is a must-have feature for browsergames and should be added here, too. Besides the options already listed I would also add a function "Change Email" to adjust the connected email-address. It can happen that someone deletes his email account and needs to switch address. Another pretty useful option would be setting/changing the time zone used in the game. Very common is also an option to delete the account from the game.

So here is a summary of wishes for a new menu "player settings":
Music On/Off
Dynamic Sidebar On/Off
Sidebar Lights On/Off
Notifications[Sounds] On/Off
Minipop Ups On/Off

Change Password
Change Time Zone
Change Email address
Delete Account

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yeah delete acc likely wont exist again

also the change timezone thing would be more of a hinderance than help, as we have a common time to refer to currently we can say ''this will happen at 10:00'' and we'll all know when it is, if we each had different times on our clocks it'd be a lot more confusing

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Yes, what is the point of everyone having a different clocks? Because you can't look down a couple inches at the clock on your toolbar? ;)

Edit: One thing I would love to see is a Change Name. One use only, for those people who have a name like KrazedKid245262. So that they can have a respectable name once they realise that this is not a typical game...

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It's just that I don't really like the idea to calculate the exact time each time I see a posting, a message, an attack or anything like that. The timestamps in the game and forum are most of the times used to get to know when something happened, like "the attack happened 2 hours ago". I don't need them to tell me what GMT time it was.

If you talk about time you still need to calculate. If someone tells you that you meet at 10 GMT tomorrow, you still need to find out when it is in your time zone. So that's not really an argument in my opinion. You definately have to differ the timestamps and the time you arrange a "meeting". To which time zone you refer when talking is completely different from what is shown in the game.

Just think of an announcement that an event will happen tomorrow at 9 GMT. The first thing that is normally done is calculating the exact time in the own time zone by substracting or adding the difference, like 9 + 2 = 11 GMT+2 tomorrow. To really use the "standard ingame time" for calculating, you need to calculate the hours left from current GMT time because this is the actual ingame time. Afterwards you add them to your current time, which is much more complicated and no one really does it that way. Otherwise the ingame time doesn't matter and everyone already sticks to the first option.

As alternative the game could provide both times. This happens in other games without a problem and works pretty well. I play another international game which is totally based upon meeting at specific times and planning for a week. Until now this never caused a problem so that someone didn't know when it should happen.

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you'll get used to thinking in server time within a week...

those are things that are not worth to bother at all imo, we are an elite community, living in two timezones at once shouldn't cause too much trouble :lol:

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