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Arabic Translation


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Hi all ^^
new here and my first post , even i didn't edit my profile yet :P
anyway ..
since im working in boring office job (13 hours everyday *sigh*) and i have plenty of time on my hands.
i really wanna do something for this amazing game so i offer my (awesome translating) skills ^^ to translate this game into Arabic .
internet users in Arabic world exceeds 26 million in 2005 * pretty sure the number doubled in the past 3 years =S * , and maybe game admins (owner) noticed that many browser games has been translated into Arabic .
**Arabic-speaking countries :-Algeria , Bahrain , Egypt , Iraq , Jordan , Kuwait , Lebanon , Libya , Morocco , Oman , Qatar , Saudi Arabia , Syria , Tunisia , United Arab Emirates , Yemen , Djibouti, Somalia , Mauritania . i think there's more =S
**if yes** game will be translated into ( Classical Arabic ) which all the above countries ( and non Arabs that learn Arabic ) can easily understand .
playing time only 3 days , but i decide to help coz this game [b]unique[/b] and worth the effort to support it .
and long live MD.

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correct me if i'm wrong, but arabic uses different letters, doesn't it?
like, not latin alphabet...
so it would be kinda hard for those players to join in chat, wouldn't it?
and without chatting there is no point in playing this game imo :/

this is not to say that it wouldn't be interesting, but most translation stop some time when players realize that english is the only chat language, so those who don't know english are stranded i here, no matter which language the story provides...

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I have to agree with Burns. Unfortunately many of my friends lost interest on the game because of that. There is no point to tranlate the intructions and story of the game if the 90% still in Engish (Quests, rol play, chat, notifications, newsletter, etc)
Pehaps in time alternative languages chats will open. Until that happens... I personally dont see the point.

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alternative language chat not possible, then it would look like separated world, only thing possible to make for people who doesnt speak english is to make game automatically translate from one language to another, like if i speak spanish and other guy french, when spanish guy speaks something in chat, to frenchman it appears in french, but just imagine how much work there is for making this work and how much more lag we will have, anyway in free credits links, one game site have it done, its name is gindis

and why wont this guy translate it to arabic, at least some things will be more understandable to players which speaks arabic, but yes s/he would need to know english as well to be able to play this game, but at least wouldnt need to know it that much good and with time his/her english speaking will become better

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