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Lost in time

Muratus del Mur

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Possible subtitle: "My personal selfish view of MD"

I had to make it as a separate topic so that it wont be assoiated to anything else on the forum because it refers to many things.

I only want to say that unlike a book that has a start and an end, MD is so much different, MD is alive and moving and hiding things in a book might be done in a way but in such a world as MD, hiding secrets could be done also not only in its pages but also in its time.

For the most important secrets of the realm you will never have all clues in one place, you will get pieces of it and probably some clues you will be missing....or....maybe they were allready hidden/given to some other characters .... I tell things to some, that are crucial clues to others and i use clues that were once public info...

I evolved with MD, from hiding secrets in one place i understood the mechanics of a living world and that things can be hidden in plain sight as long as you take the scope of the big picture, ...but thats not all ... there are some things that even said plainly will still puzzle your mind and force you to THINK.

Why hide?
good question, i always asked myself that. The reason to hide some things is that only those that shoudl understand them or find them to have access to them. Lets say for example the principles ... some of you understand them, probably for some they were a main reason to make then realise this is not just a game... but think that for others they are weird mumbojumbo texts of pure fantasy...you see what i mean...they are "hidden" from their eyes so to speak.

I want my secrets to be discovered, you dont hide something in public that you dont want to be out in the first place ..but i want you to fight for it, hard, so once you will find them, you will deserve them.

Why you might ask.... well the answer for you is "because its fun", the answer for me is an other one but its personal.

Starting to see MD as a living community , a sinlge identity, like sort of a creapy person reading a book and forgetting parts of it as it reads, changes the variables of the equation, ..its like 3 dimensional solution to a bidimensional puzzle.

I have issues keeping secrets myself, because like i said these are not secrets to be hidden but secrets to be understood and i've been pushing you clues and solutions all the time, indireclty or directly, but folks, if you want to keep up...you are doing it badly...these things are like 4 years old now,...you are not even close to ready to whats next ..afterall you figured that much that you cant think of MD as a static thing with a beginning and an end did you....more mysteries to come, old ones to be forgotten or revealed, times change, i change.

Some of you managed to get realy deep with these secrets and understand them, i am proud there are some of you that acomplished that, i wont give names because my "puzzles" have no reward, not even the reputation part of me telling you did good. Once you get into them or finish them you will understand what their real reward is. I can say that about 8 people got there, and each one made me hope that the innermagic part of the game is ready to be out, but its to few .... innermagic left out in the open on the current MD world situation will end up in a frenetic fantasy bullshit with fabulations from all sides and stories that dont find their place and ideas that seem good but are on the wrong path.

Not sure what to do, imagine yourself having something important to say but sitting somewere in the middle of a crowd that is allready deviating from your initial subject, what would you do, shutup or try to shout it louder? If i shutup md will start to become more 'cold' for me, that will never happen, if i shout , my hope for what i wanted this project to be will get lost, that is also never to happen.

Dont get me wrong, i am ultra happy with the way md evolved, i am just bringing up the discussion about a point that you and me both ..."lost in time"

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[quote]innermagic left out in the open on the current MD world situation will end up in a frenetic fantasy bullshit with fabulations from all sides and stories that dont find their place and ideas that seem good but are on the wrong path.[/quote]


oh god mur, i couldnt think of anything that could be said about inner magic currently that would be more true. love it mate.

I intend to search for secrets, and then i intend to search some more, there is so much wisdom that can so easily be overlooked, or worse, never looked at... all i know is i will walk away from this having learned many things, and that's more valuable than any in-game or out of game praise, and will follow me through, whether consciously or not.

For that I'd like to praise you for the foresight for teaching us, albeit in a particularly abstract way, one that can be appreciated all the mur (more :P) because of it.

Thank you,


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*laughs*well theres a lot in that post I just have one thing to say about MD overall it has done more for and to me then just about anything in my life, I will not list them one one it take me days and I'd probably still forget things. maybe I'll try to find a few of those secrets or at least level some of my debt

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MD is a community of many communities. You are the creator of MD, Mur. Your vision, inspiration, and passion to share created this world for many people to experience. A living thing, as you said, it has grown in ways that have shocked you and inspired you, and both you and we have grown and learned as a result of interacting within this world.

A community is sustained by people who share a common goal, a common vision. You have a vision of MD, and it is mostly kept inside you. You throw clues, tidbits, morsels of information out there -- abc to one person, def to another, xyz to yet another. Together they may associate the clues and put the pieces together. But it's all in your head.

You're worried about the direction, about sharing your vision and having the place run amok with what you would unleash unto the world. You've admitted to sharing more with certain people, and also, of a rare few putting the many pieces together to understand the secrets of MD. Mur, information flows in waves. As new information comes into the world, very few people can grasp it. New concepts are difficult -- the more astray from the common conception of reality, the more difficult it is for it to be integrated into the mainstream. This isn't an insurmountable problem. It's a defense mechanism of the zeitgeist that, in a microcosmic way, you can overcome here in your creation.

Much like the idea of 'role leaders' for alliances, you can create roles for people in MD who understand the ideas, and core principles, of the inner magic system you wish to implement (and other systems that you are itching to put into play). These people can lead by example, by teaching other players who may not understand the mechanics, the finer points, and after it is proven through time and deed, the leaders you've set up can promote, or reward, others with the abilities. This will allow the information, starting as brand new concepts, to be slowly introduced, digested, and eventually integrated into the mainstream of the community.

When surrounded by a crowd and you have a message that is going unheard, leave the crowd. Return with a crowd of your own, who all understand and agree and are willing to share your message. Then your collective voice will be heard.

... My 0.02.

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I wish I understood more of what you were saying. I started playing a long time ago, left for a bit, and came back, so I still feel like a bit of a newb when it comes to all of this. The end of the previous post brings up a very good point which behooves all people to listen to; you can't do it all yourself. The people that you feel are on the same page are the people you should be working with, that's definitely the ....i can't think of the word for it. The finesse approach I guess is the best way to put.

But as to your metaphor? In the middle of a shouting crowd? You find the person who's being listened to the most, the one who's spouting the bullshit, and you punch them in the mouth. That's the direct approach. A Leader must be a lion, and a leader must be a fox.

The concept of hiding you have is admirable as well, and it puzzles me that you called your view of MD 'selfish'. There's a short story by Steven R Donaldson that meets this matter quite well, it's called "The Daughter of Regals". I recommend you find it and read it, I'd imagine it would suit your tastes. I can't promise that I'll go searching for the secrets you've littered and hidden; I am a bull-headed man and prefer to make my own way with strong words and stronger actions. I do however admire the...again the word eludes me. The subtlety i suppose, with which you craft your world.

In short, do not lose hope; do not be afraid to change either.

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I must say the mystery, history, and lore of MD is very interesting and compelling to me. Sadly, I still feel very very overwhelmed by the extent of all of it. I read and involve myself in it as much as I can, but I think it will be a while before I start to tackle the big questions. Hopefully one day I'll be there.

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The mysteries and lack of spoilers is one thing that kept me staying in the game. I have dug and stuck my nose in many area's when I first started many players thought i had another account by the questions i had asked and the amount of knowledge I had gained so quickly. I loved it an reveled in it all especially that I had to find everything out for myself, I was given clues and directions pointed at but then a few months into the game more and more i was seeing spoilers all over in chat and though I knew moat of them they spoiled the ambiance of the game and it has just gotten worse and worse. It has completely changed the way I play the game and though I do still stick my nose into some places have lost the yearning to dig and learn things because it has gotten to the point of why bother it ll just be blabbed out in chat a week or two from now.

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I feel as if I am part of the problem here, perhaps because I've only recently found MD and am only experiencing the history via reading stories. There is really no way to convey the full value of history upon those who have not experienced it. But hopefully those of us who are a bit new to the realm will help to make the current events part of the rich history to come.

I appreciate Mur's vision and hope that together we can help him realize it. I apologize for not grasping more of Mur's vision and promise to keep trying to figure things out.

I know that there is much to grasp in MD and I often feel as if I'm just at the edge of understanding. But I'm not quite there. I have only a rudimentary grasp of three of the principles and feel comfortable that I understand heat (on many levels). After that, I am floundering around trying not to seem too stupid. hehe

I wish I could understand more, but I also know that this is my greed. I will never be satisfied with what I know. I always seek to know more and have a more complete understanding. It is my vice that often leaves me feeling frustrated. But with each new piece of understanding, I am satisfied, however briefly.

I hope there remains an almost limitless supply of things for me to investigate and seek to understand. I'm selfish like that. :D

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