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Strange mail


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there is a strange mail that has been sent to me, and it has a link to it.
[font="Arial Black"][b]NEVER ENTER THE LINK!!![/b][/font] this is some kind of hack. I saw the [b]source[/b] of its page.

never ever put your USERNAME and PASSWORD because it will sent to the one who creates it.

THis happens to me 2 times :)

Message Title Sender Date
Read Msg Read to all nurguzik [ Block ] Today, 05:42 PM

tsk tsk

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The more users the more attractive a target it is. Luckily the issue was resolved quickly (only a few people who noticed it). More changes to prevent this from happening might be made but every single one requires the sacrefice of user comfort.

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Interestingly enough, there are other forums (like from the webcomic leasticoulddo.com) who have an almost identical layout compared to this one. I got a message from the same nurguzik who messaged all, to try and get as many people clicking his link.
It's not just MD
It's the world-ish...

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  • Root Admin

Its not really surprising. People make the scripts and they will work onthe specfic forum type that they made it for. If you have car you dont just us it to go to work and back. You drive other places with it. If you have made a script you want to (ab)use it as much as you can to get as much trafic as you can.

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