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The auction is over now. That song must go! It is annoying! It drives poor Windy insane! Please, please, pretty please, change that song! Something cool and and uplifting..Anybody with me on this one? :good:

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Yea I agree, I stopped into Wind's Sanc the other day to check things out there again, only to be slightly affronted by that song ...

Don't get me wrong I enjoy some of the music from the 50's, but The Doggy with the Waggly tail wears thin pretty quick.

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[quote name='pamplemousse' post='31922' date='May 21 2009, 04:07 PM']I LOVE IT! Arf Arf! :P

Viva la waggley tail![/quote]

that's great !

wait til you guys hear my version for the next auction LOL

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[quote name='Harion' post='31952' date='May 22 2009, 06:26 AM']i love the song.

ofc i often have my speakers turned off so i don't hear it much

i haven't even heard all the music in MD.[/quote]

I do really like this song, too! :good: It´s not my kind of music but i keeps giving this game a special flavour!

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Animal rights has been prevalent within society for a good number of decades, prior commonwealth law against the treatment of agriculture creatures notwithstanding. Should a dog be put to sleep? And if we exist within the confines of an imagined environment, does that not then mean that a song conjuring the image of an animal should be afforded any less rights than the average person?

I say that if we are all imagined into existence within this realm then so, too, should the song be regarded as a living entity due to the nature of our assumed reality. To remove the song now would essentially be putting a dog to sleep, which is considered a heinous act within Western countries and many Eastern countries.

In summation, condemning that song would effectively be placing the memory and entity of a dog to death.

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Thats it for each week from this point on I'm going to add a puppy to a box which one full will be killed via a cheese grater why a cheese grater? BECAUSE I CAN! Now please change that song before I have to hide more PETA protester bodies..

Coincidentally I'm going to be opening a soup fast food chain..

[spoiler]Also if you find this offensive it is only because you are stupid and thus have offended me by breathing ^_^[/spoiler]

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