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a use for coins


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I think it would be cool if you could throw a coin in the fortunes well with a chance to get some kind of prize, (that would definently raise the coins values... :)

I am thinking of it being like this.

You throw the coin in the well and you have a chance to get 1 of posibble options. (can only be done once every 24 hour)

1. Nothing (40 % chance)
2. Blessing (20 % chance)
3. Recovery (15 % chance)
4. Bonus (15 % chance)
5. Creature (5 % chance)
6. Item (5 % chance)

Of course nothing happens, what had you anticipated throwing a coin in a old well

[u]Blessing[/u] (one of these, random of course)

1. Your life just seems to be a little easier today
(The regeneration timer takes 1/2/3 minutes less for the rest of the day/24 hours)

2. You feel extremly strong today
(Attack is up by 5% / 10% / 20% the rest of the day/ 24 hours)

3. You feel like nothing can hurt you
(Defence is up by 5% / 10% / 20% the rest of the day/ 24 hours)

4. Your good mood seems to have effekt on your creatures.
(Creature stats is doubled the rest of the day/ 24 hours)

All of your creatures seems to be more healty than you remembered them.
(The vitality of all your creatures has been fully healed)

1. You seem fit for fight
(vitallity is at 400%)

2. You turn around and find something extremly valuable, even though you cant really figure out wath it is...
(Value points is at 300%)

Honestly I cant really think of that many creatures, but after my opinion there should be around 5 creatures.
1. You look down in the well and suddenly a goldfish jumps up, you quikly take the fishbowl that mysteriusly happens to stand just beside you and put it in.

I am thinking of this to be an extremly weak creature and having a splash abillity that makes the enemys creatures turn blue for a limited time (That would be so awesome if posipple :lol: )
Of course it should be an extremly rare creature even between the creatures from the well, and maybe untradeable (That could really be funny to see if people would keep thowing coins in just to get that fish :lol: )

Saddly I cant think of any more creatures.


1. You look in the water and sees something floating, you realise it could be someone that has fallen in, you quikly jumps in, only to find it was an old boot, you really has to think your actions trough.
(an old boot, Could be used in RPC quests)

2. You look down hopefully, but suddenly you get something in your head, only to find a coin in your head again. Did the well not like it or something, seems like it spit it out again, or at least I think its my own coin, but cant really tell its covered in something slimy and green.
(A slimy coin, Can be cleaned by a specific RPC for a chance to get a gold coin.)

And many other items of course :)

Oh and last, If that is made possible I would like to be the "Well Keeper" or something, that could be so nice ;)
Maybe with a curse or something that makes people regret if they begin to thrown anything else beside coins in the well while I see it... :P
(I can dream right :lol: )

Oh almost forgot.
And maybe a gold coin could make it easier for you to focus on you wish and you could chose the catagory of the wish granted.

Think I have it all now :)

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  • Root Admin

are you sure some of the rewards arnt too high?

i was thinking of the creatures (because i have a lot of creatures) and the increase in vitality and value points. Also would the effects stack? because i would think that the effects shouldnt so you couldnt be to overpowered

Currency needs to be used up and this may be a way to do it

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I have said a max of one coin in the well to both prevent all of the coins to disapear the first day, and to prevent any problems about stacking effects... B)

And I think there should be some strong creatures of course, but I cant think of any so the goldfish was mostly for fun... :P

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i really like this idea. People are always rping the well anyway so might as well make a use for it. The well keeper could even RP the well being alive in sorts (the way sagewoman does from time to time)....the well as of now isn't much more than an rp for passer bys. The rewards may need a little tweaking but a darn good way to use up silver.

I think that the one use a day is a darn good idea. You should be allowed to throw in as many coins as you want but only once a day. Honestly with the exception of the few who have like 40 coins most of us have 5 to 10 tops at any given time.

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[quote name='Shadowseeker' post='30729' date='May 10 2009, 12:53 PM']My suggestion to prevent inflation is simple, make a fixed, official shop. Add a counter ingame to count the amount of coins ingame in total. Then, make people be able to get something for a certain percentage of the coins.

Example: We have 200 silver. 1% goes towards a service, like getting a full heal of all the stats: ve, vp, AP, and EP or so. When we have less than 100 coins in total, we only pay 1 coin instead of 2 coins. Similiar with gold coins, here I would suggest creatures:

Mur mentioned creature cycles, how about a shop where you can buy creatures out of the time of their cycle? Pay for it.

Then, once we have a deflation of coins, make it so you give you coins on a centralized basis. Make it for example by giving official quests, rather easy for silver and hard for gold, or make it that you can work to earn coins, or whatever, to balance the amount of coins. I'd suggest when factions are there that new people get 1 silver after they finished it, which should take some time.[/quote]

I'd rather suggest something like this, because the rewards you offered are...different, sometimes even too high, the idea with the items sound nice though..you gamble, and if you have luck you get something better.

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  • 1 month later...

We wouldn't want all the silver in the game to disappear would we? Also, I'm with Awiiya. Not a single reward on that list (other than the gold coin) is worth a silver, and you might get nothing. Well, lower regen timer might be nice. Anywho, I do like the concept, especially since people might all throw away their silver, making mine more valuable. I do like the idea of having something tangible you can get for silver to really make it worth something. What about the ability to toss more silver for better rewards? Maybe not better chances, but just make each reward better somehow.

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texas hold 'em...

yeah...lets put gambling into MD...what with nobody really knowing for sure the age of other players and various age laws on gambling....

nevermind the actual having to create another entire system to play poker through

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[quote name='Liberty4life' date='21 August 2009 - 04:25 PM' timestamp='1250868339' post='39968']
yea i am in... btw md has opened casino in md prison :D

Good. Very good. There should be a casino next to the pubs, am I right?? :D:o

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