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Job Market

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As I have announce before there will be soon a new item’s auction.
Thanks to stormrunner there is only one item left to go.

For this event I would like to encourage a job market too. We all know this is a complicated subject; we don’t want people to charge for helping others. So I think I have come with an alternative solution to this. I hope you like it.

First of all, the job market shouldn’t be an expensive market (meanin: exclusive) The main purpose of this event will be to make character rolls interact in a completely new context.

For example, we have… Peter Bowman… he is a great warrior but also he can teach others about archery. For this effect this player will have to learn all about it, (history, mythology) he has to know many things related to that activity but also accordingly to his character epoch. If he offers a lesson too, he also will have to be able to roll play it.

On the marketplace Peter Bowman will have on his papers an abstract of the activity/teaching his is offering.

From my point of view, job market is a complex field so it needs people really committed to make it work.

If any of you is interested in participate, please prepare an interesting promoting presentation of your self and pm to me. Just to be clear: I wont charge for this.



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Thank you guys, if you have more ideas for the job market please post them as well.

A few more things.

* If the date set for the marketplace is not suitable to a player to attend, he/she may go idle on location so people can read his/her papers and pm offers.

* The character migh be hired by many people, not just one.

* Since I am promoting the use of silver coins, I would ask MDS to be the currency selected for this pourpuse.

* Everyone will be encouraged to participate. I am sure each player performance will be evaluated for their employer so be prepare to do your best.


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Jump for joy or what?

I personally I am not interested in items (except the case when I trade them for something else that I collect and that rarely happens). So for me this is just another event I will probably not attend.

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Not sure if this is still up, but I'll add myself to the job market.

Let's see...

Willem RedBeard -


If you need something or someone protected and kept safe, for any length of time, I am your man. Perhaps not the strongest warrior in the realm, but very dedicated and absolutely reliable. Good with a sword and shield, as well as some magical abilities (see my "Comments on Self" page for further details).

Service cost depends on the level of danger and is negotiable, but is approximately 2 silver per day. (A bargain considering how much I am online)

[b]Rescue from Maze[/b]

Lost in the maze, or have a friend that is? I'll go and find them, then lead them out.

Service cost is 1 silver.

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I received a few more self ads:

A doctor specializing in neurology, genetics and surgery. Also a scientist interested in studying just about anything and everything. Willing to teach some medicine, and happy to give any information he's collected, with few exceptions.
[b]1- 9990-DRWHO[/b] CALL NOW and you will get a NeuroScan for free.

MD strees you out? Take lessons on stress relief, massage therapy and incense therapy.
[b]GREM&REN[/b] Relax Therapy Center.

I will be placing all these adds on my wagon, no charge :huh:

[b]Small contest:[/b]

Best "personal ad" during the item's auction will be rewarded with 10 MDS
Second best 5 MDS
Third 3 MDS

Evaluation criteria: Originality, Humor, Eye Candy displaying.

Requirements: Only in situ constestants will be evaluated, even if they are IDLE

The aution´s atending public will be playing judge during the contest.
Good luck.

Next item's auction
Day 177, 23:00 hrs
Outside Wind's Sanctuary

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Personal Ad-
The youngest known person (set of persons...XD) to survive the experiments of the evil wizard Jester. Talk to him and learn about his past and story that many have ridiculed and shunned for being far to unbelievable and horrible. His story is the truth and his only fear is that it is forgotten when he passes away. He is willing to teach about his body swapping technique and how he uses it.

He only wants people to pass on his story and that of the others that have died and survived that dark time and those evil experiments. He does not charge people for hearing his story.

Seek him out in the lands of MD and simply ask him to tell you who he has to tell. Beware he is back! ... His story will freeze your soul...

Disclaimer- the evil jester in his story is not shady jester... XD

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Just received a new add:

You know what to say, but you don't know how? Want to impress your love... or need somone to blaim... but with class? Poetry might be the answer you are looking for

Call us - we'll write it for you

Poetry co

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i'd like to offer my abilities, too...

today's special: i'll flame any topic you'd like to see flamed, for a symbolic fee of one silver :lol:

normal uses you could make of me:
- use me as creature-trainer
- use my def to kill your creatures (like, if you want to get rid of them... my joker will gladly beat them back to stoneage^^)
- use me as punching bag if you are in a bad mood
- ask me to kill something for you (only available on mp5 victims, and not all of them...)
- use me as partner for RP
- and, what might be most interesting for some of you: shut me up for a whole bloody day!

prices are negotiable :)

edit: some services will only be available form next saturday onwards... meaning, not during this upcoming week^^

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hell I'm bored

pay me and I'll tell you a story

tell me a story I pay you :D

you pay me and one of my women is on I show you how to quicken a women's heartbeat without going over pg rating :)

p.s. the last one may or may not be a joke, pay me to find out :P

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I'l enter too! This is fun!



Let your creatures learn dance!
Let them join Esmerelda's academy for dance for a week!
And watch as develop their talent and fitness! All in just 1 week!

My previous students have something to say:

Medusa the water: I learnt to let out my thoughts and express them in the form of dance..

Mawler the grasan: I do fantastic belly dance! Thanks to my teacher!

Jura the drachorn: I have learnt hip hop and contemporary and won the heart of my master!

Samuel the Gay Pimp: I waltz and do ballet superbly! Currently seeking a handsome male partner!

Henry the knator: Dance helps me control my temper. I dont go rampaging now as I used to before.. Thank you teacher!

So what are you waiting for? Join A.S.A.P.! PM me on my forum.. Classes Starting from 5th July! Hurry up! Dont miss the chance of your lifetime! With just the low price of 1 silver per creature!
p.s.. Burns i may like to hire you. XD

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And ad ey...hmm...let's see if I can come up with something...

1)Want some peace and quiet? Are you tired of seeing and hearing me screaming all over the forum?
Ranting on your idea how st**** it is? Yelling at you to stop the spam and to use the search button?
Closing your topics? Deleting your posts?

Well...there is nothing you can do :).

2) Do you hate the tree at the Path of Lonliness? Do you want to know how to abuse it? How to make it suffer but ditch its guardians in the same time? You came to the right place! I can teach you and all for FREE! It's DST's free Teachings about how to abuse Tree Week!
Ask me! You'll learn from the best!

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[center][b][size=6]HEY YOU![/size] [/b][/center]

[center]Yes you, brooding over there in the dark corner!
Come now, how can you expect people to fear and rue
your wrath if they don't even know you exist?![/center]

[center]Are all your devious plots going awry?
Are you finding yourself Minionless?
Does it Burn when you pee?[/center]
Well, Wallow no more you emo wanna be Dark Lord![/center]

[center]Dr. Void is offering his time to teach you in 10
easy steps how to be a feared yet mysterious
GenericAnime123Fan: But Dr Void, Im still to weak to even have my own minions!
Dr Void: Hahaha!
Dr Void: Fret not you sad little man, For I Dr Void *adds* PHD
Dr Void: Have the solution for you!
GenericAnime123Fan: Really, you going to give me credits?!
:Dr Void Kicks GenericAnime123Fan in the face
Dr Void: Hahaha No!
Dr Void: You see *presents a bottle labeled "AIDS"* With my patented Void Tonic*
Dr Void: You will have an aura of Mystery and +1d6 Charisma! Hahaha![/i]

[u][i]The following has been a paid advertisement brought to you by, DarkFountain Enterprises Ltd.[/i][/u]
*Disclaimer, Dr Void's Void Tonic, may or may not provide desired results and side effect may include:
Brain washing, desire to drink stagnant water, heart failure, urge to sing show tunes, Gonorrhea,
Nausea, Diarrhea, and Hallucinations.[/i][/sub]

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Hehe, this is gonna be fun :)

I hope to see you all tomorow, remember the job market is not at the forum, all ads have to be displayed on your papers.

If you cannot attend you also may go idle outside Winds Sanctuary.


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A guardian with the responsibility of watching the gates
Though alone most of the time, it is a responsibility that I just cant hate
Monologues most of the time, I see players just walk by
Newbies always only pm me, when all their creatures die

Let me know what you want to see
I’ll put it up and players will go “oh Gee…”
I am a warrior not for sale
But depending on job, its always negotiable

CrazyMike – Gate Keeper of Loreroot

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The [b]"personal ad contest" will last 24 hours[/b], please PM your votes after evaluating all contestantants. The results will be post at the forum on day 178, 23.00 hrs.

Evaluation criteria: [b]Originality[/b] (5 points),[b] Humor [/b](2 points), [b]Eye Candy displaying[/b] (2 points) and an extra point for actually [b]been hired[/b] : 10 points

Example on how to vote:

PM Subject: VOTE

Players name 4/1.5/1.5/0 = 6

Players name 3/2/1.5/1= 7.5


Everyone is alloud to vote except for newborns alts :D


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[quote name='Liberty4life' post='35148' date='Jun 27 2009, 11:57 AM']eh poetry co? that doesnt tells me who it is, or is there a player called Poetry :P[/quote]

The idea for me to publish small ads at the forum was to get people curious about the job market. [b]The contest will not be held at the forum.[/b]
The player's name is Blackwood Forest and he will have the complete ad on his papers so you can evaluate it. (BTW, I believe his native language isn't English he went idle inside Wind's Sanctuary, I think its ok)


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