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Another 'Pointless' Argument

Phantom Orchid

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I did not get a chance to repond to the defamation of my character here:


There are obviously some very deep and powerful issues that were brought up, ones which will only grow and fester if light is not shed onto them. I've tried very hard to be civil with Akasha, but have only be slighted and made to appear as an aggressor by her. This has become a pattern.

It is almost predictable that Akasha has me on her 'ignore list' when she has refused - it's been well over a week now - to respond to my submission for her quest. Additionally, she wrote a note on my wishpoint (from a previous quest) saying I got a low value for not following her request for additional information - though *absolutely none* was given.

*hands Akasha a magical cookie which will satiate the need for power/control and alleviate feelings of victimization for 5 minutes*

Enjoy it while it lasts...

[edited for about the 5th time...geesh my spelling is bad]

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  • Root Admin

Right lets try and see this from both points of view so i can close this stupid post

Phantom: got a rather blunt answer from akasha accusing her of accusing her of cheating/bugs/whatever, although she was just asking a question

Akasha: Has been under a lot of fire from everyone and got the wrong end of the stick from your pm thinking you were acusing her

See where the simple error came from?

Happy now Phantom?

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