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New combat concept

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i think i finaly got something to take the combats in MD outside the usual "fighting" so common in any game. Its kind of dificult to explain what i mean because there is no comparison to anything else i seen before, but for now there is no need to explain anything. I will be updating this post with test links, questions and other things that could help me to finish this.

Please understand this is not a discussion, i will not comment, reward or test all or any of your sugestions, but it greatly helps my thinking process to see opinions from you and also some ideas might be obvious for others while total obscure for me.


the new fighting system will not replace the current, but will probably be integrated as a slower competition fighting mode, spell casting or a lot of other possible things.


basic concept
forces involved are not oposing eachother but INFLUENCING eachother, that means the purpose of the fight is no longer the destruction of the oposing force but reaching a third objective. For example X and Y forces "fight" to keep Z force stable. I know it sounds allready confusing.


[color="#8B0000"][b]Possible example:[/b]
player A, B, C, D (yes more than 2!!) combine certain percentages of principles in order to controll a aditional player/force named here "Z" , this can be for example the growth of an organism, like a tree, a creature, or to keep a flow of energy stable for a defined period of time. The fights will have two possible purposes, to unballance/destroy the Z or to ballance/amplify it. The win/loss will be considered like a bet between the involved parties, each player will aim for something. All players could aim for the same thing, but that wont mean it will be simple for them to achieve it.[/color]


The mechanism behind is as realistic as i can make it, the involved principles will actualy controll a flow of particles and each principle will act as it sais in its description.
I currently work on a graphical representation of this process, and its possible, nut not certain, that the "fight" will generate a nice (or ugly) pixel map of what happend. When the system will be functional enough i will focus more on its looks but not right now.

I hope you realise that this is unprecedented in a game, as far as i am aware of. There is no term of comparison and there is nothing i could use to learn from so i can make it work.... in other words, this is as experimental as it can get.

[b]game mode disclaimer
because things have to remain fun and playable, i am aware that at some point i will have to change this system to be more playable than realistic. Do not search a precise mathematical proof of what is going on behind the scene. The initial tests will be probably weird and with results hard to control, but as soon as the base of the system is working i will make them more friendly.

What i need from you is an opinion on how intuitive this system is and how fun it is or how frustrating and annoying it is, i don't want hardcore testing, that will come later anyway, for now its important to understand how usable it is as a competition/fighting system at all.

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  • Root Admin

i run into a big issue. I dont know if nature is simply random or my script is simply broken, i believe the second is true.

i am taking a small break before i hit delete and try it differently

here is the current progress,


this is on my side the most fun and experimental programming i ever did.

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