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New ranking system and recruitment

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Due to recent changes in the alliance I have updated the ranks within the alliance.

Apprentices will be potential recruits. A member of the alliance of Guardian rank or higher may mentor someone. After a month this person will be assessed and either allowed into the alliance, their apprenticeship will be extended or they will be refused. Therefore apprentices won’t be in the alliance proper. Anyone seeking to join must apply via the recruitment thread and gain a mentor.
A person can only mentor one person at any one time.

[b] Leaders[/b]

Firsanthalas - First
Mya Celestia - Second




Crazy Mike


Adam Icephoenix
Cross Swords
Magnus Vox
Mysteria Blue
White Reaper


[b]Recruit - Mentor[/b]

Darigan - Firsanthalas | Rockistah - Shemhazaj

(For the moment the ranks are not very relevant due to the small size of the alliance. As the alliance grows, those currently in the guardian rank will be moved to Elder rank. Their service has been long and committed and they deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. Otherwise, length of service is not an entitlement of rank.)

(This system is open to change in the future.)

Edited to reflect recent changes

Edited by Firsanthalas
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[list][*][i][color="#2e8b57"]xPo withdrew his request to join GoTR[/color][/i][*][i][color="#2e8b57"]Mya will be co-mentoring Shemhazaj with me[/color][/i][/list][i][color="#2e8b57"][/color][/i]

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The Guardians of the Root are please to announce the promotion of Sharazhad and Shemhazaj from Novice to Guardian.

Our current ranks are as follows:

Leader - Firsanthalas

Elders - Sagewoman & Mya Celestia

Guardians - CrazyMike, Windy, Siala Lone Wolf, Sharazhad & Shemhazaj

Novices - Death Ray, Grayhawk & Cross Swords

Apprentice/Mentor - White Reaper/Sagewoman

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Ah yes, forgot to reply to this again. I replied a while ago but the whole post was lost when the internet disconnected when I tried to post it xD

Anyways, I was assuming that I'm still technically in the Guardians as I never resigned. I was in multiple guilds/alliance at that time (GotR, Legend Tellers, Crafters), much like how blackthorn was an artisan and a GotR member. When all members were asked to drop the badge during the reform, I took the crafters badge and never got to re-wear the GotR badge (with kragel MIA, if I leave the crafters it would be inactive). I guess being in multiple guilds/alliances does confuse people. But anyways, I did have thoughts about resigning for a while, since I've had enough of military alliance, and I guess I would be able to add more to the game in a creative alliance (which was once what GotR's purpose during the peace after the shade war), not a military one. I guess I'll take this event and submit my official resignation. Good luck to the GotR in the future. Know that my heart is always in Loreroot, and if you need my assistance, just ask anytime =)

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[quote name='Firsanthalas' date='05 October 2009 - 10:34 AM' timestamp='1254756859' post='43756']
Voting closed.
Mya has been voted as Second.

Congratulations to Mya. Shar, I second your motion to throw a party. There is nothing like a good excuse to throw a party. And this was nothing like one. ROFL!

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