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Whether i have copied from LOTR or nt thread


Is nimrodel a copy of the nimrodel from lord of the rings?  

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*laughs' what a fun vote XD

i'm not voting cause non of the options is right... you didn't copy ONLY from Tolkien, and you didn't use only THAT elfs story... still, there's already two votes for purest plaguarism :lol:

and thanks for dedicating a topic to me, seems i'm getting more important every day... *head swells... explodes*

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Erm.. I am greatful you mentioned that lightsage..

i took 12hrs to watch the movie pample. :D

*wönders if burns will ever stop being full of himself. Hides esme's profile lest he think it was plaguerised too from 'Plaguerisation for begginers*

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hehe, course it still counts as a no :)

you havent read it yet Pamps? that's terrible, everyone has to read it, EVERYONE!!!

if you watch the directors cut, extended edition versions it takes a while to watch them :D

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*clutches her chest and nearly faints* My holy lord in the skies! Why didnt you take me away before I could face this day? People think I have copied! And plaguerised! Free from this curse of mortality! Let the earth split itself to make my coffin! I dont want to live! *throws herself on a very comfy looking sofa and pretends to cry*

*realises she is being a drama queen and stops the pathetic act*

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To me I will never forget that evil river that made me waste a hour of my life trying to get up from for I fell in. x2 (Lotr online, best normal lvling, questing mmo with role play. If you want a intelligent community in those types of games go to lotro, I vote it best gaming community in the big mmo area ~ miss my kinship so much) Can't read the books though for my life to depend on it, even though most respected story and author in my life. <3 So no?

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