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How Many Members on MD?


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156954 total accounts in the DB

todays stats:

New last 30/60days: 3681/5449
Registered today: 70 (104 in 24h)
Playing over 6 month: 681
Advanced to MP4 today: 1
Active today: 550 (653 in 24h)
Active in 48h: 914

Note that advertising was stoped for a large period of time and that this is basicaly one of the worse period for traffic and newcommers.

usualy there are about 150 new and about 1500 active daily. During intensive campaigns there are 500-600 new and 3-4000 active

Accounts cleanup will be done for accounts inactive in the past 4-6 month or so. I am even considering 1 year inactivity for deleting accounts, because some players that become legends still remain legends after a long time and its not what i want to have those accounts deleted.
I am considering also a temporary hold method so that i can move inactive accounts to a different database and like that never delete them entirely.
With 150k accounts is not such a big problem right now....or is it? .... user table is about 1Gb in size which is quite heavy for text data.

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[quote name='Shadowseeker' post='34944' date='Jun 26 2009, 09:18 AM']ID 150000 is funnily enough....LifeIine[/quote]

lol that wasnt easy to archieve :). i sadly have no time to train that account, wish i could change that ID on my main ;P

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[quote name='Grido' post='34962' date='Jun 26 2009, 04:08 AM']the player ID's they count up, so if you look at a new members ID then that minus 0-1000 ID;s is how many there are

the minus 10,000 is from the empty aramors[/quote]
ID? What ID? I look at the newest member profiles(which aren't the newest since they've been there for over a day :P) and theres no thing even the address pointing at an ID.

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[quote name='Willem RedBeard' post='35042' date='Jun 26 2009, 12:46 PM']Log in to MD and look at the top of the page next to your player name.[/quote]
LOL, I can't believe I missed that. Now how I see others IDs or the real new members?

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[quote name='Grido' post='35045' date='Jun 26 2009, 01:07 PM']if you click ''register to the game as this persons adept'' then their ID will be in the referrer ID box[/quote]
I don't even know whos new or not, that wouldn't help too much but thanks anyway.

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