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What to do when attacked in the Dojo


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Scene: You are in the Dojo in Marind Bell Park. You know the rules and observe them. Suddenly, you are attacked without being asked first. [b]What to do?[/b] Say in the chat area: "I have been attacked by <insert name> without being asked." This will signal Dojo Staff and their trainees who then will respond as they have been trained.

[b]What to do when there is no Staff Member on duty?[/b]

A. Yell at them angrily
B. Follow them out of the Dojo and attack back
C. [b]Send them a PM and politely point out the rules and the Sign[/b]
D. Both A and B

[b]A Repeat Offender Has Attacked Again![/b]

A. See A and B above
B. Use the Red feature that Says: Mass attack <insert name here> till dead.
C. [b]Get the name and the ID number of the attacker and PM to Calyx of Isis or *Sagewoman* or *Ibruzu*[/b]
D. All of the Above

The Dojo is not a perfect system. It is constantly shifting, moving, and evolving. New mp3 players enter MagicDuel and some Mp4 have forgotten and need their minds refreshed. The Community working together with the Dojo Staff can make Marind Bell Park Dojo work.

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eh, we've had that discussion more than once...

if you don't want to be attacked in dojo, you all know how to set defs that will scare most people away, and if you don't, go to a sanc for your RP-issues :D

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Hmmm.... It sounds like a good idea to have a window pop up when you're in the dojo for the 1st time. Like in the tutorial... But Burns is right. We should set up a def rit that those other people will cower at. Unless they're stronger than you. Then you go to the sanc and cower there. :D

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Maybe just a notification that says there is a clickable sign telling you the dojo rules, and that you should click it before anything else. It'd be a great filter that'll help the dojo staff know which ones really defy the dojo rules. :D But that's my opinion. Don't listenn to me. :D Unless you want.


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can i clarify please?

there will NOT be a pop up sign, now or ever, for the simple fact that it *is* a cumminity run thing, and last i checked Mur wanted it to stay that way and isnt going to implement things that make it compulsory or semi-compulsory, which, if an announcement pops up telling you about the dojo, would be how it would appear

Note: this is me remembering things so some may be wrong, also what ''Mur wanted'' may not be true currently as i havent spoken to him about it in a while

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Hmm... okay. Then we'll just have to drive PM's, PL's and warnings galore into the tight heads of the violators. Well, then I guess now that it's seemingly a free-for-all where some people have a false sense of security, I can farm wins and losses with no trouble at all. Not that I'll do that, but.... :D

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Disclaimer: Sage I adore you to death and I have very high respect for Calyx. My post is not meant to offend or discredit any of the good work done by the Dojo staff.

I used to hang at the dojo alot. The days when perro and myself was LHO and maning the dojo.

There were new violators due to ignorance and they were easily dealt with.

The biggest issue were the repeat offenders who refuse to follow the rules.

It was frustrating when the offenders just continued with their game after causing so much distress to others. I still remember Calyx's words of wisdom to use diplomacy and not violence.

Out of respect for her, nobody played vigilante.

Then there was the threat of Wodin causing permenant stats damage to repeat offenders.

Now we have a list of players that do not follow the rules.

Its not fair for those that do.

Just say the word, "we" will show the offenders the true meaning of pain.

Mur wants the dojo to be run by players and not make it compulsory, if that is the case, allow those that respect the rules implement and execute the rules.

Just say the word, and "we" will follow through what Wodin's threat cannot.

"We" dont make threats, "we" make promises!

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The Sign Post may not be noticeable, but it's the staff members' job to let new players know of the sign and the rules in the Chat Log every so often, so that new players who have just arrived will be able to read in the Chat that there are rules to be followed for that area....but then again, I believe that not every person pays attention to chat logs... -.-

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