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Story Night Schedule


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According to your votes (http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=4433), Story Night will be held on Mondays at 21:00 server time.

[b]Story Night will start this Monday, Day 179 at Fortune's Well at 21:00 server time. AqlBeast will be telling a fascinating story to kick off this fun weekly event! [/b][i][/i][u][/u]The schedule thus far is:
July 6 (Day 187): Shady Jester
July 13 (Day 195):Granos
July 20 (Day 202): Talos Salvitore

Please tell me if you are interested in telling a story and a topic that you are thinking of.

Hope to see you all there!

reason for edit: forgot to put the server time for Aql's story

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All stories will be posted here, if anyone cannot make the times.


Thanks to everyone who attended and especially to AqlBeast for his amazing story, which garnered a [b]WISHPOINT[/b]!

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Thank you to Fawe for writing the story and Burns for delivering it. [url=http://md-archives.com/categories/Archives-of-Lands-and-Alliances-/MDA-/The-Archivists-/Archivist-Story-Night-Tales-/]CHECK IT OUT HERE[/url]

[color=purple]making link look nice - Grido[/color]

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Ok, next up on the chopping block..erm, I mean, schedule...

August 3: Wildfires (and perhaps Sparrhawk, if he is ready)
August 10: MRG (Shady Jester will be running story night, as I will be in Barbados)
August 17: Sandal Mechanic
August 24: Guybrush Threepwood

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Thank you to Wildfires and Sparrhawk who contributed to Story Night this week!

You can find their stories here: [url="http://md-archives.com/categories/Archives-of-Lands-and-Alliances-/MDA-/The-Archivists-/Archivist-Story-Night-Tales-/"]MD-Archives Story Night[/url]

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