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Shattered Illusions


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Shattered Illusions is not an ordinary guild. It's a guild that centralizes people that have particularly high achievements (in understanding and documenting exploits - is what Mur said in the announcement). I want more. I want smart player. I want strong player.I want players with initiative and with ideas. This will be the place where legends will be borne. Or where they will become immortal!
Though...this doesn't mean that if you go and look for bugs or exploits (and maybe be lucky and find some) you will get in. Or if you win HC you'll get in.
I only take the best of the best! And if I cannot find them...this guild will die with me.

With my little knowledge of programming, with No one's great knowledge on scripts an Lightsage's skills on photoshop I hope we will be able to create entertaining and challenging quests. And since none of us is an RPC or has no abilities to give big rewards like special crits I will ask help from RPCs.
So, if there are RPCs out there that wish to help or just wish to set up a quest and they need help to do it please contact me.
I already have few quests ideas but it will take a bit to start them since we need to get familiar with the tools. In time, I hope we'll get better and better at this.

That's it for the moment. Too tired to remember all I wanted to say. I will update this topic as I remember things or as I see necessary to put things in.

Feel free to comment. I will try to respond.

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I'll try and answer that one... Assuming you mean "alliance" as in the loreroot alliance consisting of GotR and CoE (or did the savites join again, I seem to be behind a bit on that) then no, the SI is a guild and as such will not make these pacts.

If you are referring to the 'symbol next to name' we already have that (although I'm assuming you did not mean this because of the "join or make" part)

If you meant neither of those options please rephrase your question and we'll try again :)

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i think that question is rather historic, seeing the long alliance-less-ness (is that a word? xD) of you and dst...
people must think we were brawling to get a hold of you in our different allies, just becasue you are strong :lol:

and... well, you don't need any pacts, do you? i think the only persons out there who could beat dst up are lifeline and eigger, and i'm not even sure about these two, seeing the nice aces dst has hidden up her sleeves *hehe*

uh, edit: nice sig, lightsage... and they say i'm being pompous =P

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Thank you Udgard. :)
I am really impressed of how many sponsorship offers I have received and I thank you all.
The reason why I did not join another ally/guild is because I am not suited for none of them: GG is ok but I still hold a grudge against Wodin even if he's now played by Yrth. Lore was not really my type...
MRs...they resemble too much to a frat...and I'm not a big fan of things like this :)
COE...no, Savelites...no, SOE...maybe...they were the only ones I would have joined. Not because of what they represent or do but because of the players.
The other guilds are too thematic and they have too much work to do :)

I want to be independent, to be my own master. And it seems in the end I got more than I hoped for. Thank you Mur :D

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