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Email Invitation To Friends Feature

Muratus del Mur

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Myspace and other big sites have an option to enter your user and pass of your gmail/yahoo/hotmail and the site will automaticaly show you a list with emails you have in your addressbook so you can select the ones you wish and send them a custom invitation to MD.

You get a credit reward for all that register as your adepts and reach the next MP level. In addition to this i can store a hash of your addressbook emails that you send emails to and give you a fied credit reward (i am thinking of 0.20$ credits for each email adddress that gets a click back to the site. Its needed to keep a signature of the emails on the server to prevent using the same email address twice.

The conection to the email server will be done in a secure way, no user/pass will be stored on the server and your addressbook will not be harvested, but of course this is a matter of trust.

My question is, do you think such a feature would be useful, would you use it? DOnt just assume what other would do, just think of youerself, what YOU would do.

I know i never enter my user/pass on sites such myspace even if i trust they have nothing to do with my contacts, but in my case i have good reasons to keep things private and i am also a bit paranoid :) .. but since this is starting to be a very popular method on many more sites and its also helping them to grow realy realy fast, i did this poll to see what md people think.

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I think this is a very good idea but there should be the ooption to connect to the address book, enter the addresses manually or upload a Comma-Seperated-Values (.csv) file or a mixture of all three because some people may not trust the connection, and others may use programs such as Outlook to store their address book.

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[quote name='Pipstickz' date='04 July 2009 - 04:01 PM' timestamp='1246741310' post='36150']
Not quite sure I understand...but why not just give players a banner ad that's like a referrer link so they can send that to people?

I agree, the banner is a good option.
Unfortunally most of my friends dont speak English so it is a bit hard for me to promote the game.

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