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Umbrella System

Fenrir Greycloth

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I had considered this. Alts cause problems because people abuse them. If we knew whose alts were whose, it would be easier to tell who is abusing alts. Of course people would then just not include them if they were planning on abusing the account. However, it might help a little bit. In the end I had decided it probably wouldn't make much of a difference.

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actually like it is it isnt

why not? becoz ppl will have one acc at each side, one in golemus, one in lore, one in necro, one in mda, and no not a singel in bell coz i wont allow it :P i find it very bad if same person is roleplaying on multiple chars and in multiple lands at same time

ccc and then even if ya have alts for roleplay in same land i find it kinda bad but less damaging than upper example, ya can help your roleplay just a bit with alts, thats fine with me, but to carry big part of it with alt, no no no, for example (not md example becoz i cant think of any atm) if ya have one char rping town major and other char rping blacksmith in same town, so smith and major would be in lobby so to say always back up each other always help each other profit the most for example if major can get something and smith can get something better and only one can get it, they will need to fight for it, if same person is playing both chars then major would quit from fight, NOT FUN, also if person can play anymore, 2 rping chars are out of game, big loss, also all this applies to alts in different lands but that also carries a ethical question, if one land is enemy to other how can ya rp for one land and its enemy -_- cmon just put yourself in position of gatekeeper and commander of invading army :D ya get picture right?

more rp is oke BUT NOT WITH ALTS

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