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Rpc's Loitering


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i had an idea that would require more work for the artisan guild...something i'm sure they would appreciate.

on the rpc list i counted 31 characters, and i'm sure they have avatars. i think it'd be cool if an image of these characters appeared in the areas the rpc's are located, when online. posed in a different way in different spots. maybe 1-3 spots per rpc, depending on locations their characters usually inhabit. this would take a decent amount of work on various ends but seeing them in the scene would have a visual impact.

one step further would be the LHO's, it would be more apparent for newer players that these people were indeed important and designed to help.

i'm not saying everyone in the game should ever get to have this feature, merely rpcs and maybe the LHO's. like i said a tremendous amount of work but drawing a picture of something that's already been imagined is easier than creating a character from scratch.

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  • Root Admin

nice idea but there are a few ... problems

imagine an event, there will likely to be a lot of rpc's at the location, now unless the avvies are extremely small then they will overlap or whatever. Many rpc's will state their location as (for example) GoE and when there is an event there it would be chaos

It will clutter the location even if there is just one character. It might be interesting for rpc's such as Calyx or Pample at the dojo and archives respectively like it was done with Wodin but I don't think the fact that it would be cool would be actually beneficial. If you look at some of the locations they are already busy enough. Imagine fitting one avvie onto GoE, you would have to cover something up.

nice idea, in theory. but in practice I don't think it is very feasible, but please disagree with me since i like the theory of the idea, if you have any ideas to circumnavigate my proposed problems go ahead

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by age chew would be more important than woddy [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons//blum.gif[/img]

and when real wodin left mur said it was a big mistake to put char in game interface, so becoz wodin is summoned warrior and intergrated into game interface mur was forced to make him public char

on other hand :D except glor show me who else is in artisans [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons//blum.gif[/img] thats biggest problem

and ofc this has no way to work if artwork follows rpc, when knatty or woddy are online theirs artwork are always on same place regardless if they move or not, but artword following rpc is nonsense, only if there is artwork for original place of rpc but that would be too much as well

woddy and knatty are enough, i say no more for VERY long time

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I wouldn't mind a little image of me leaning against the Lighthouse on Golemus, that'd be cool :)

Aside from the overloading Glor with work which'll take him ages to do....

If you had one scene only per rpc then it might work, you'd have to exclude areas like GoE being picked by them, another issue would be when rpc's get demoted/resign you'd have to then un-implement the image....

As cool as it might be, i don't imagine it'll happen :D

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Ok...time for me to throw my 3 cents: we already have something similar for Wodin. When he's at Roads of Battle you can see his image.
BUT:how often do you see him there? Asking a RPC to choose a spot is not that good imo:in a you force that player to sit in that spot and some might get frustrated. Not to mention that the roles of several "spread" (if I can say that) over several places. What will you do? Put a picture in every place? That would load the scene and frankly I don't want that.

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i notice rpc's in certain locations regularly. but who says the have to stay? however, vanity alone would be a good motivator to keep them there. of course they don't have to stay there though, its just to add more flavor to the scene, and to show these people are important. the character art would be specifically tailored for certain locations, not every place the rpc travels. and again i think 1-3 locations tops.

i don't think more than 3 different rpc's should be visually represented in any one scene, would probably be overkill. but i don't see anything wrong with one of them there. and i don't think any rpc should take priority, to me that's degrading. just pose the rpc in a different spot if more than one is present in the scene. any scene that would be cluttered by the introduction of an rpc, shouldn't have one.

Even the tiniest change to a scene whether it be something as small as an ant in a faraway lighthouse to something large in the foreground alters things, thus making it more interesting.

from what i hear it sounds like the artisan guild is small and other things are probably more pressing. i was just thinking this because the art is a strong part of the game and should be taken advantage of, if possible.

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