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Buying The Nutcracker


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i remmeber when nutty was first released i had some nice amount of credits, so i tried to get the nutty, but after exhausting almost all my credits, i almost opened the nut, i had 2 dollars left and i still need to exhaust 1 item which has about 6 or 8 availability (not sure of the exact availability) but im pretty sure that i opened it and didnt use it yet even once.
so i just decided to use all remaining 2, and bought it, i used my 2nd to the last credit and activated the item, it increased some of my stats for some minutes, so i didnt buy it yet, after how many minutes i checked the regen section of MD shop i was shocked that nutty was opened, so i bought it,after buying it, the item that disappeared reappeared, i don't know how this happened

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