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Md Shop Holy Grail (Red) Stats Dont Work


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In the MD Shop there are several grails to expand the heat spots you have. Now I bought the last two (red) holy grails only because it says: if they are filled, they will boost my stats with a fixed amount of defense and something else (brisk maybe). But nothing, really nothing happens with them.
If this is a bug, i´d like to get my credits back or this thing fixed, because it is bought because of a purpose and does not work.
And why isnt there any screen where I can see my previous bought things? Would be very helpfull.


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[quote name='Liberty4life' date='11 August 2009 - 01:30 PM' timestamp='1249990217' post='39196']
becoz that boost they give is temporary only new orb is permanent

Sorry, I dont understand what you mean with the "new" orb?

I have all of them...

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what he means is that only the additional orbs are permanent, while the stat boost is temporary. the description explecitely said so (if i remember correctly it boosts the stats for 60 minutes, starting with the moment of purchase).

misunderstanding aside, a small stat boost based on heat is an interesting idea :D

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