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Transposition Traveling Device

Muratus del Mur

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I have no clue where to post this , it could be the archives, but i want to see replyes, so its the forum .. but i can't find the right section for it .. so if anyone knows better where it should go , please move it :)


What is SF (Science-Fiction), what is Fantasy? ... I think it is an outburst of ideeas and theories that have a solid base but the continuation is shaped in a direction that is not strictly connected to that base. Its relaxing, fun, creative, to set your mind free and imagine things in the way you would like them to be. As long as you realise that the contact with "reality" is officialy lost while thinking to fantasy stories, it OK. You should not "lose" it and start to believe that intentionaly flawed ideeas are the real ones.

During my (short) life so far, i imagined things that could be possible, but most of all are interesting to think of. Such theories i hold for myself and only from time to time i write so that they can be used as source for improvement and to put some gears inside my mind at work. Why not, maybe one day such a fantasy/SF theory will have all its intentionaly flawed aspects fixed and turn to reality...at least its fun to hope so.

[b]The Transposition Traveling Device[/b]
[sub](again ..SF/Fantasy theory!!!)[/sub]

Each space, regardless how small or big or where it is placed in the universe, has a signature. Imagine space as a web with differently shaped structure lines depending on the position. On a uniform developed spider-web you would know in any moment where a particular fragment is compared to its center, because the spacing of the wires will change in a predicatble way the further you go from its center. In the same way, space is structured in a way that makes it unique in every portion of it. Gravity changes space. In fact Gravity IS altered space, we see the density change in space as gravity. For example if you have two baloons one with high pressure and one with low pressure, and you conect them by a tube, the pressure will ballance. In the same way objects fall down on the ground because space is curved towards the center of the earth, as it is towards any heavy object in space.

Three obvious forces change space, one is the Earth, one is the Sun and one is the Gallaxy that both spinn in. Other less obvious forces change it too, but these alone are enough to prove that each single bit of space we get in contact with has a different pattern.

My assumption is that space signature works the same way as human/living signatures and that the transposition principle applies here too. If you have one signature of a person imprinted in an object, that object will act as an extension of that persons energy field, meaning that if you effect, sense, change it in any way, the changes will mirror in the "original" person just the same (my base explanation of Voodoo magic).

If you could change something (water, self, surroundings) to have the signature of a place, you could sense what is going on in that place and sort of "Be" there with your "spirit" so to say. But..what if this can be applied to a more physical use.

The TTD device brings the space signature of the space occupied by an object (note how i said it) to ZERO. In a way manages to isolate all influences given by all gravity modifiers upon that space and brings it to a uniformly ordered structure without any actual signature.
It brings ZERO value in the space fingerprint[sub] (see note 1). [/sub]

The device is composed of two main modifyers, that could be created so to work in one move actualy (or two, is the same result). The next step is to recreate the signature of an other place and imprint it in the object. It litteraly means to shape the space structure, altered by gravity (or better said seen as soubtle gravity changes), to match the changes in an other place we target.

The result of this is that once the space occupied by the object reaches the exact pattern of the other space, it will coexist in both places at the same time (!). The third step and probably the most dificult one is to cancel the onject in the TTD device so that it will exist only in the target location. This can be done also by controlling the zero space signature.

Its basicaly a teleportation device as you can see.

The mechanical construction of it is also one thing i fancy to imagine, it would require little energy to operate and can by done using electricity but not in the common sense of it. Gravity has as result changes in magnetism. I suspect changes in magnestim/electricity can have the same impact on the object space as the "original" gravity, without interfearing with the space structure (meaning magnetism acts like , but is not changing gravity). Electricity causes magnetism, so in a logical (probably flawed *cough*) chain, if space changes/gravity causes magnetism and electricity changes cause magnetism too, i believe electricity can be used to form similar magnetic patterns that will imprint similar space pattern changes in an object. The precision of this field should not be created "bit by bit" because its probably impossible to recreate the field with such a detail in every space unit of the object.

Ah thats it .... i must say i love SF theories ;)
I do have plans of the TTD since i was a kid, and i have improved ideeas of how it could be built, but i never had the time (and probably the required insanity) to actualy buy a few kilometers of coil and build a perfectly centered sphere created out of this coil, and change a microwave to focus waves to a single point inside the sphere and ionize the air there splitting electrons from atoms and build plasma for a sec. Of course there is the reception device, that must be able to record the space signature in a place, then feed it to the sphere so that it gets re-created in the plasma field inside it ...and much more..... pfff...like i said, ... i love SF :D

Thank you for reading

[sub]Note 1:
Zero can mess any equation. poetically put, if someone manages to control the Zero point within any system, the entire system will obey to it. It takes two infinities to ballance out the zero point, but its an illusion ... imagine the ends of the "number line" to be actualy fixed and not infinite and just zero to be true "nothingness". The infinity will form towards the center not towards the ends, because true zero does not exist. You can lower the numbers as much as you want but they will not vanish. Zero, unlike anything else, i think, is the one thing that can make sense in practice but not in theory. In practice is easy to make something zero, because that something stops to exist, but zero is not "part" of that something. As soon as you manage to create zero, it becomes a gate to anything. Thats why in math, zero can destroy any theory and prove 1=2 or whatever you want. In practice, if i have ZERO apples, i can easyly say i have ZERO gold coins ... both its true :D[/sub]

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I have a movie/book at home called "What the Bleep do we know"

Messed up my head, But quite interesting..

There is also talked about kind of teleportation...
easy explained:

You have point A in the universe, and point A has a little brother called B (its a theory every particle of the universe has an identic copy)
They are identic... and react the same at everything, if something happens to A, it happends to B also...
So, if you take point C... And you bind with point A... then it pups up at point B...
(at least, thats what I made from it, like I said, It messed with my brain xD)

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Quantum teleportation works on particles and uses a trick. If two particles are entangled, actions on one particle directly influence the second particle as well, regardless of distance and not caring about lightspeed. What is seldom mentioned are the conditions for two particles to be/become entangled. So far I have only encountered examples where particles became entangled while they were at close proximity and then were dragged away several kilometers, while remaining entangled and then experimented upon to test teleportation and such.
From this I gather a couple of flaws in upscaling quantum teleportation. You must make your entangled particles locally and send them to your teleportation destination before you can teleport there. The only thing that has been entangled so far were particles. Of course you can build molecules with them and in theory a human being... it's just that you would have to be destroyed here and recreated at your destination, which is quite a disturbing idea.

The wonderful thing about SF/Fantasy is that they only care about internal consistency. Given the principle of transposition and signatures, the TTD theory seems sound to me. And it doesn't require being destroyed at atomic level, definitely a plus. Although the plasma bit scares me too.

As for gravity having influence on electromagnetism, it does that, but in a very indirect way. Since energy equals mass, everything is influenced by gravity; both particles and waves. Thus a charged particle floating in space, would be pulled towards another mass, resulting in a change of course and hence a change in the electromagnetic field. There is no fixed gravity-electromagnetism function though and large scale systems have a net charge of zero. (large being respective to atom and molecule distances, ie a millimeter is large in this case)
Electricity does not cause magnetism... both are properties of electromagnetism and have the same photons as carriers. (Photons are electromagnetic waves, having equal amplitude for electric and magnetic field, but 90° phase difference and both fields are perpendicular to eachother and to the wave itself.)

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An interesting theory, but as usual there's one problem:

How can you use this devide without actually having this device out of "order"?

In order to create such an influence, I'd think that the device itself needs to be not influenced by the usual forces like gravity etc...becuase usually everything inside would be affected by it as well.

Unless you plan on creating and outer shell where energy forms the inner shell with no signature, which in return forms the location..however, where does the no signature energy come from again? I find it a bit hard to actually manage to create such a no signature energy.

And even if we did manage, wouldn't the energy consumption and dangers be enormous?

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  • Root Admin

For the sake of fantasy...
no, the energy consumption wouldn't be high at all. The only real problem is creating an isolator for gravity, after that, its simple :)
The isolator i believe it can be inside a highly ionized field, to ionize a few cubic centimeters of air you need the power of a microwave oven, focused by a parabolic dish made of metal, same principle as a sattelite dish. There might be other ways, but still something with electric energy acting as a shield.

(Ofcourse you would need also some blue LEDs and a startrek type sound to make it look like a hightech warp engine :)

A coil shaped in such way that is not forcing a magnetic field in any direction, will still cause a bipolar magnetic field but its direction, or shape, will be free from the actual coil. Take for example a toroid, or create a normal coil arround a feric core and then unite N with S. The new N and S will be perpendicular on the previous formed field lines, but will have some unusual properties. A speheric electromagnet with the coil placed in such way that it will cover all angles in equal proportions, will cause a magnetic field very sensitive to any outside influence, and the ionized space inside it will act as a gravity shield canceling all outside influence.

In the worse case the device will only cause a globular lightning , and thats enormous fun too ^_^))

looking forward for more ideas, maybe some can find documentations related to this? I am sure having lots of fun here :)

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Well, it's true that lots of warps seem to have been described this way, see StarTrek or even the Wheel of Time if you ask me..(first things that pop up).

Assuming space is nothing more than a fabric, we fold it and take a needle to pierce through it, that's the way it was being described. There's real people browsing through the possibilities, this is just one of the articles I'm sure some have heard of or even read:


As for the energy..low energy due to not accelerating to the speed of light, but rather isolate, huh?

What would happen if you made this field mirror something and then make it travel really fast?

Wouldn't that make the counterpart younger/older?

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