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I always wanted more papers, so I am signing up.

you can probably find me idling at the berserkers' way; my profile page is currently used for other purposes...

[quote]The quests must be created using available abilities allready owned by the quest creator (no other tools/abilities will be provided). The rewards can be from the things allready owned (items,creatures,coins,tips,other) or aquired by agreements with current RPCs.[/quote]
Do we have to offer a reward? The old quest I have running and the ones I was designing were supposed to be fun enough to be their own reward. Never had any complaints :D
(you can read the quote both ways, and it never hurts to check)

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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' date='18 August 2009 - 01:14 PM' timestamp='1250615658' post='39792']
i'm away in vacation, when i return i will fix all issues and assign the docs. sry for the delay.

np thanks for update:)

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Quest followed as such:
Split a Piece of wood and I am there. Lift a Stone and you will find me.
*hint* I am not of buildings of wood or stone. What am I?
You only have 4 guesses. After the first guess, if you fail, you will recieve a hint.
answer: faith
Where would one go to find faith in a place surrounded by wood
*hint*A place in MD
answer: wasp's alter in Loreroot
You must show your faith and sacrifice one of your own.
MP3: Must sacrafice a Aramor Assasin
MP4: Must sacrafice a Grasan Hovourer
MP5: Must sacrafice a Unholy Priest
A screenshot of the alter must be taken before showing the position of the creature in your posession and a screenshot after with "Creature has been Sacrificed" and the empty position of where the creature was.
Step 4
You have shown your faith with blind trust. Such as the way of the Heritics. Seek out the Place they lay and speak the word "Faithless"
House of the Heritic:
Heresey and Heroism often times go hand in hand. It is through the doubt of a few that the change of many become. Things are not as they appear and you have shown that you are willing to put you faith into that which you seek. Now are you ready to put your faith with the faithless? Send a message back to me titles "Heroism" and in it say "I wish to put my faith with the Faithless".
Step 5
The Faithless do not seek the end, but the beginning. For them they wish time to move backwards, so that they can see for themselves what others only believe. They seen fact and sight with the eyes, not fairy tales and rumors shrouded in mystery. To do this you must travel into Necrovion. Find the place where the faithless pray and seek upon the stones the word in wich they wish to hear.
Answer: rock and word is Faith
The rock says: You are truely one of those worthy of praise. Send a message to me with the word you spoke to the rock as the title and that you have achieved "praise".
Step 6
I want an explanation. Why do you think the answer to the last stage was faith? What did you learn from this quest? Did you like this quest?
You have completed the quest. Along your travels you have learned much and that at times the thing in which you wish to run away from is the thing you run into at the end. You have well earned your reward and you shall have it. Carry on in faith that all deeds come to justice wether good or bad.
1st to finish gets a WP
2nd, 3rd, and 4th place get a spell doc.
Mya Celestia----First Place and the winner of the Wish Point----CONGRATULATIONS
Emerald Arcanix---Second Place and winner of a Spell Doc, and a bonus Agien Egg for the fantastic explanations of the quest-----CONGRATULATIONS
DST-----Third Place, She already has the Spell Doc but will be rewarded....when i find out what reward that is :))----CONGRATULATIONS
Indyra Sirenias----4th Place, Winner of a Spell Doc----CONGRATULATIONS

Sepcial Note!! Emerald Arcanix has a spectacular response to my questions...Please read

ok....first....i like the quest a lot...why?....because the final answer was faith....a perfect ending....a tragic ending....the Faithless seek to understand using cold mind and proven facts...they accept what they see for them self not what they hear...and this thing burnes them from inside...they become fanatics, they become heretics...a Faithless is allways searching for faith...because faith is the water that can stop they burning spirits...it can give them peace of mind and peace for the soul...but the tragedy is that they can not understand this....they seek something they refuse to belive in and so they burn in the agony of uncertanty....that WHY has no answer for them...and the place you choose for ending is illustrates this perfect...in a point even proven facts for them are fairy tales and burn the books...faith is what they run from but faith is what they seek...to end they pain...as what i have learn...hmm...first of all that we are not allways correct and must have the power to accept others opinions even if they are very far from what we belinve in...this is heroism...this is power....in a way....i learned that like Heresey and Heroism Faith and Faithless ar not that much apart...like love and hate....the line in thin between them...yet they need each other so they can understand each other and we can understant them because of this...e learned that faith and reason can be enemys...a battle whit a very tragic end...but the most important thing i learn is that the inner battle of mind and soul that take part in every one can be put in words in a seemingly simple quest...thank you for you work...i was a pleasure doing this...and i hope this explanation is good

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