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It looks great in theory, but it is awful in practice. I doubt even half of the +- rep is given because of quality/quantity of posts.

Here's an example that happened to me a while ago:
I write a long post, debating on pro's and contra's, trying to be as complete as possible. Some lazy bum reads the first two lines, decides they disagree and posts an 'argument' that was refuted in paragraph 7. I nicely point said bum to paragraph 7... *BAM instant -rep on both posts*... irony aside, do they really think i would not suspect who gave that -rep?

At that point I stopped caring about 'my reputation'. Sooner or later everyone is bound to experience something similar and decide reputation doesn't work the way they thought it would. And if no one cares about their reputation anymore, what use does the system have? Perhaps it tells us more about how mature the average person that read our posts is. Luckily for all that are reading this now, my reputation is positive at the moment; if the counter below reaches -14 you're officially below average!

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