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M B: War Call!

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Since months, we were facing a series of severe problems connected to werewolves, starting with their stench, ending with their insane godmodding, but we looked over it... maybe for too long...
they spawned, and the problems with them!

they stride about as if they owned the place, they create mess and havoc where-ever they are, and they insult my nose with their mere presence...

In the last few days, werewolves robbed the meat supplies of the Root of the Matter Inn, caught several bunnies and ate them, and at long last, entered the Cabin and crushed a poor Vampire Girl...

The werewolves need to be extinct! (or at least bathed and taught some manners, but i'd prefer extinction)
i'll spend the three upcoming days at the Weapon Smith and forge a silvercoated rapier using the metal from 3 silver coins, which i hope to be pure silver, cause i'm badly screwed otherwise, and will start to get rid of the werewolves at tuesday (day 243) evening, 3 days before the next full moon... (yeah, i know that MD doesn't have no moon, but it makes more sense when they can defend themselves)

I hope some people out there are willing to help me, i'm not weak, but there are tons of werewolves...

[sorry werewolves out there, i'm really bored and want some blood to be shattered on a larger scale than casual killing...]

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Please note the following:

Pure silver, as with pure gold, is a surprisingly soft metal, with silversmiths easily being able to manipulate the metal at room temperature. While you may be able to fashion a weapon out of such a metal, it would likely blunt itself into uselessness upon striking the enemy for the first time.
It should also be noted that the vulnerability to silver is a more recent addition to the werewolf mythos, despite its widespread knowledge.

Some legends indicate that werewolves have an aversion to the genus [i]Aconitum[/i], also known as wolfsbane. Though the legends differ on this somewhat, there are those that lead one to believe that inhaling, ingesting, or simply coming into contact with any of the various plants causes death to werewolves.

Other legends indicate that causing a great deal of neural or cardiac trauma to a werewolf would be enough to prevent the creature from regenerating from those, and therefore other serious, injuries, effectively killing it. Such methods would include decapitation or the removal of the heart from the thoracic cavity.

I, too, agree that the werewolf, a typically uncommon creature even within other realms of fantasy, has become akin to the pigeon within the world of MagicDuel. Both are mindless, annoying creatures, which make nuisances of themselves and contribute little else.

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Well.. Erm.. Moony.. You can start an organisation to kill all the people whose names start with B. You can attack them with weapons starting with the letter A.. I SUPPORT FOR THE EXISTENCE OF WEREWOLVES! MY LUCIAN IS THE BEST GUY I HAVE SET EYES ON! AND ALL THOSE WHO KILL WEREWOLVES SHALL HAVE TO BEAR THE CURSE OF THE FALLEN ANGEL ON THEM! *cough*

*whispers* Is that ok marv?

[color="#0000FF"]Is the screaming really necessary?

they shout in war cries dst.

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hehe, nice feedback so far ^^

@watchers comments: i know about silver, that's why i go for a silver_coated_ rapier instead of a full-silver sword, it wouldn't make me that happy...

i also know about wolfsbane, but a powder of that would instantly hurt/paralyze them so badly that the fight was over before it started, and really... that's more god-modding than actual god-modding -.-

i'm also not planning to get rid of them all, there are well-trained wolves like Marvolo who don't rob virgins, don't eat helpless animals, ocassionally take baths and such, those are not that much of a problem imo...
about the rest... good luck, if you avoid me for 3 days you have a full moon to support you :D

Shadow, there are no 'targets'... every wolf misbehaving is an equal target...

WHY? you dare ask why after reading the initial post?
those evil little jerks who think that their wolfness excuses doing the things they are doing will learn that their wolfness is just about enough reason for me to beat them up rather badly *laughs manically*

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[quote name='Burns' date='30 August 2009 - 05:48 PM' timestamp='1251647302' post='40466']

i'm also not planning to get rid of them all, there are well-trained wolves like Marvolo who don't rob virgins, don't eat helpless animals, ocassionally take baths and such, those are not that much of a problem imo...


*quickly hides the bodies and jumps into the Well of Tears for a bath*
Im Innocent

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[quote name='Granos' date='30 August 2009 - 06:18 PM' timestamp='1251681518' post='40499']
Wait, wait, wait.... What Zombies.. Zer are no zombies in md... Only Werewolfs or all Lycanthropes Also what about demons or Canadians :D

...Canadians eh?

We should kill not only werewolves, but the un-MD entities lurking around the realm, like vampires etc, if, however they commit an unethical behaviour... Vampires in MD? *OMGWTFROFLOLOLOL* XD

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hunting Zombies? Preposterous!

a certain werewolf er... always trashes the pub in Marind's bell, and also gave Windy Amnesia *Dun dun DUN DUN DUN duuuuuun*

my opinion? DEATH TO THE WOLFINDELS! (lol)

minus Marv, he's a great werewolf... that flies... somehow... over the gate... last winter.

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