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Right Way For Getting Help & How To Proceed

Danban Endul

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I'm a new player, played through the tutorial, which was pretty straightforward. Now I am in Chapter 2. The way I understood it, it should be possible to explore and do things independent of story mode. I walked around a lot, found possibilities to get creatures and buy items, but that's about it. The rpg items mostly need some passphrase which I don't have and many places seem inaccessible. I typed some things I thought made sense into the rpg items, sometimes this resulted in a page which made me think something might be possible with entering that word later, but that's it. I did not find any enemies against which I could win (was attacked by a few players, but seemed pointless to start fights at this stage) and the only puzzle I found was the Broken Pattern Gazebo. Now I explored Marind Bell and a little more, so I guess my questions are:

- Where do I get hints on how to progress in the game or how to solve things? The chat is mentioned often, is that talking about the chat which is location-based? I only saw very few locations where there were players talking right now. So I'm guessing it's a little hard to find players who will answer a question in the next five minutes. The Live Help button seemed to be more like technical help or bugs.

- How do I progress? Just go through the story mode until more possibilities open up? Or can I do more in other areas than was possible in the Marind Bell area?

By the way: Do the principle points I get actually do anything? Whatever I choose there did not seem to have any impact on the story so far.

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Hello Danban

First welcome to MD.

The story mode is just a basic tutorial withing the game.
the other players are whom you fight from then on. some will help some will just attack
this is how you gain experience as well as win and loose fights.

This game is a mix of both Role playing and fighting.
the states you gain from fighting and experience you gain for you and your creatures will
allow you to upgrade at later stages.

Just speaking in general arounf the realm will allow you to learn and figure out things as you go.
most players are willing to help and answers question.

The LHO are both techinical and in game help for any questions you might have.

In regards to the principals yes they do have an impact but not untill later in the game.

hope this help you somewhat

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  • Root Admin

And for any larger questions the forums are here to help! (not me personally as apparently im a right ****** according to some, but generally we are here to help)

Question and answer section welcomes a sensible member,


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