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Land Affiliations

Fenrir Greycloth

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connecting roles with lands, maybe?
you get to choose your land affiliation after day... say... 120, and after that point, people can take a look at you and, without reading your papers, see 'Oh, a lore, most probably an animal-based role' or 'Look there, a necro, gotta be one of the bad guys'...
then again, i'm not sure if people would like to have such a first-glance-opinion about themselves :/

another idea could be giving people a land-tag based on their online times, to show where people are hanging out most...
of course not overall, since it would lose it's sense then, but changing ever 2 weeks based on the previous 2 weeks online hours in each land
problem here would be that lots of people might not like to be affiliated with loreroot just because they are staying there for saccing reasons LOL

however, all of these seem rather pointless to me, since people who want to be connected with one land join one of the allies xD

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Well, odDs are those people don't have a real role. We already havetjose people who go to certain alliances bEcause of the stat gains.

The people who go to a certain land because of that won't be respected as much as those who go their for their role.

Anyways, I believe what burns suggested, except we choose when we enter mp5. I know we have chapter three that gives us a an ending and what not...

Land affiliations should be a much larger part of md. I mean, with land wars and alliances an stuff... We need to pick a land and stick with it right?

If someone role does change I am sure that they can find a way to do it, but at a cost.

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