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flower: you are too greeny!

leaf: you are too smelly!

flower: i'm not smelly....

leaf: yes you are!

flower: haven't your mom told you not to accuse?

leaf: my father does, but my mom eats cake!

flower: huh????

leaf: look at the fly, it has wings right??

flower: yeah, and the camels have bumps.

leaf: but the frog doesn't have wings..

flower: why?? i know that the sticks are sharp, but the moth flies

leaf: yeah i know, mozilla firefox is crying.

flower: i know! that's why i was colored!! do you understand???

leaf: yes.

flower: good.


frog: shut up you two!

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The following picture contains explicit language and is not appropriate for people under 18-21 years, depending on where you come from!

[url="http://data.lustich.de/bilder/l/180-fucking.jpg"]Dare it...[/url]

Clarification: that's not me being stupid and using foul language, but i just happend to stumble across that village... thought it might fit here XD

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