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The Homeless

Guybrush Threepwood

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Ok, name is awful, or whatever. I'm not good with names. Anywho, if you have been keeping up with the Caretakers Thread in the forums, you will know that I applied for leadership of the alliance. Regardless of whether the alliance is given to me, I will be creating this as a group, which, for now, and perhaps forever is NOT an official alliance. If that bothers you, I don't want you involved anyway. I am entirely ok with changing the name at some point. Naming is not my area of expertise.

Anywho, this group will be working on a few different things. Namely they will be working for the greater good of ALL the people of MD. The group is now accepting applications for jobs. Below I will include a summary of the purpose of the group and you can see if you are interested. If you are post ON THE FORUMS if you are interested in a position. No private applications will be accepted. If you apply, please reply with why you feel that you are appropriately objective for the job, and what you can do to help others.

Everything the homeless do is for the care of the people of MD, be that research, defense of the innocent (we'll get to that later), or simply taking care of messes once we have failed to protect them. (Crime scene investigation, care of the dead.) This alliance would ideally get itself involved in the politics of the other lands, doing it's best to prevent war. Should a war break out they may choose a side, in order to protect an innocent people. (I understand that Mur stated the four lands could be involved in wars, the Tribunal is not one of them.) Because of this, if a strong enough group of warriors were collected it would dissuade unreasonable wars and require the public announcement of cause for wars (I realize that I myself am not that strong). (Without reason a war would go under unreasonable and the care takers would step in on the other side.)

On top of this we will be providing shelter and food free of charge (if we find that there are those in need of such things and there are not currently adequate facilities for such.) We will also be providing medical treatment to those who need it and attempt to research into areas that will practically be applied to bettering people's lives.

In a not so RP oriented side, the group will also be creating quests. (Ones that are heavily RP oriented)

So, examples for people needed for the group.

Farmer/Gardener/Rancher (something to provide food in mass quantities)
Warriors (sometimes in order to protect people, you need to hurt some people)
Scientists (for the research)
Architects/Carpenters (for building necessary facilities)
PR person (Cause I suck at it, and it's important.)
And anything else that might be helpful to people.

Your applications will be reviewed and voted on by everyone in the group (currently just me). Applications are made public due to the necessary nature of the alliance and their relations with the public.

Edit: I am open to name suggestions even for those of you who are not interested in applying.

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I like this idea Guy. I would like to apply for the position of
Farmer/Gardener/Rancher. I have many gardening tools and would like
to provide a service to the community.

If there is one thing I am it is persistent and persnickety,
when it comes to gardening. That is not all that I can bring to
your table of giving. I am not idle when it
comes to training, I am honest to a fault, and I will listen
objectivly to both sides of an issue. I can provide healing if

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As i am totally dedicated to non-violance i cannot help with fighting. That being said i would like to help with Architects/Carpenters, i enjoy drawing maps and houses so i can see myself doing this. I would also like to help and learn how to heal other people.

PS, i love the name

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