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Losing Honor


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So, most players told me that mp5s in an alliance DONT lose honor if they fight others in an alliance, only loyality. But I do, and I´d like to know if someone can explain this to me or see if this is a bug maybe? And, if I have seen this right, i DONT gain loyality attacking other alliance members, at least i cant see this anywhere in battle.

Thank you!

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Oook...I think you got some wrong information there.

Honor is won and lost regardless of whom you fight. The only difference is this:
[quote][2009-05-04 22:03:32 - Alpha 8]
Alliance vs Alliance fights now give honor reward equal to double the loyalty reward for each won fight[/quote]

While alliance vs non alliance means you get the amount of honor you see when you open the battle screen.

As for loyalty....well depends on the amount of damage you inflict. The highest loyalty you can get is 15 (but I will not tell what damage you need to do to achieve that). Just do some tests and see for yourself.

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[quote name='Pipstickz' date='26 September 2009 - 03:14 AM' timestamp='1253927681' post='42746']
And the mass-losses wouldn't be a problem for alliance members...they could stay balanced and not worry about honour

WHAT? I dont get this, please describe this in detail for me, thank you.

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[quote]i am 100% balanced and i seem to be getting its benefits[/quote]
naturally. as long as you are balanced, you get the + 100% bonus, independent from being in an ally or not. this bonus is decreasing as you diverge from perfect balance. the point about perpetual balance is that it stays at 100%, even if you get victorious or lost fights.
(at least thats how it used to work, back when i was in the ally)

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