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Falen Angel

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I am no longer a Sentinel and I acknowledge that I am a Knight of the Half Moon of the Children of the Eclipse. However, I am still part of the Khalazdad Dynasty and as Rajji (Queen)tried to intervene before disaster struck.

As FirstWife of Khalazdad, I returned to the scene of Battle in Necrovion and tried to plead for more time from Yrthilian. I went even further; willing to Sacrifice myself as a Hostage to give Peace, my Daughter, time to return to the Realm.

The Battle started on 2100 and ended shortly there after. It was determined that Necrovion Sentinels and the Children of the Eclipse were victorious. Not satisfied that the rules of battle and engagement were met, Yrthilian gave the Dynasty till 2200 Server Time to return Golem back over or the Cube of Khalazdad holding the White Soul would be destroyed. Through the Keletha order, Akasha helped Yrthilian go through the Gate and be transported to the Stone of Twisted Souls.

Had Yrthilian taken my offer as Hostage, it is my opinion that in a short turn of the Server Time, Peace may have been willing to negotiate.

Does Yrthilian in fact have control of Khalazdad the White's soul? Or is it merely an Illusion. It is appears to me that Yrthilian has gone mad. Raji Khalazdad once told me, "The Mad are Mine.".

Disclaimer: The opinion stated in this posting is mine alone and is not that of the KOB and the COE or Peace.

Edited for erroneous information. I blame PTDS.

Edited by Falen Angel
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[quote name='Falen Angel' date='26 September 2009 - 05:11 PM' timestamp='1254006714' post='42810']
It was determined that Necrovion Sentinels and it's Allies, [b]Marind Bell Knights[/b] and the Children of the Eclipse were victorious.
Wrong. KoB were not allies of Necrovion. It's clear you didn't do your research on the war. If you had, you would have known that it wasn't the first time Yrth used Khal's soul as a threat.

Now, Khal may be under Yrth's control, but who's to say that's a bad thing?

Example: A young man breaks his leg. This would normally be seen as a bad thing. Two days later, his country goes to war, and he is left behind. Is it really a bad thing? No one knows until it's over.

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Mind power 3
Khalazdad the White [Ireland]

Enslaved soul
Khalazdad good part was burned by yrthilian in the fires of the Twisted Soul, so he gained total control over his good side.
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[quote name='Death Bell' date='26 September 2009 - 10:35 PM' timestamp='1254022504' post='42823']
i dont think its a illusion since he actually has in his inventory, the last side of khal's cube.

The Illusion lays not in the Cube that was in his inventory but in who has control over who. Merely an opinion that has yet to be played out. :(

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I did not helped through the Order, i run a big experiment which in the end confirmed my theory about the 2 gates which were a teleport system and gave the Order more work to do.

Now, thanks to Yrthilian i can't do that again since the soul is burned so i am in search for other things to activate the portal again.
What seems strange to me is how come you are queen supposed to Necro and you are in another land ? isn't that against the logic? Shouldn't you remain near your land and husband? fight and so on...the usual things?

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She is a wife in heart. And after all the Children of the Eclipse and the Necrovion Sentinels have a pact. They are one people. I had no issue with the wives to be by Lucius' side. Like I had/have some of his people, so did/does he.

As for the husband, Khalazdad went deep into the desert a long time ago. His wish for his wives was for them to live. I had no objection with whatever path the wives would chose.

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