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Wow thank guys. Anyway:

Q1: What heads?
Q2: What do I do in free roam mode?
Q3: How do I make it so that I gain less XP (since I read it was good to level up slowly)?
Q4: That vitality slider thing before each battle, should I put it on 0 or 100 (or somewhere in between)?

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heads are part of a contest you can't win yet, do people will hunt you when you have some :P
as free roaming implies, you wander about and actually play^^

that's a lot harder, you'll need to find people who do sparring fights with you to make sure you don't gain too many xp...
but it really doesn't matter too much if you get xp fast or slow^^

another thing you'll need to toy around with and see what happens... the more % you invest, the more of your own VE your creatures will get, and the more you can lose, basically... though it's of course easier to win when you have more vitality =D

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1 more thing. I keep creating defence rituals (with 0% VE slider of course), but whenever I'm attacked the system generates a random platoon. Not only are they ineffective but I also lose a lot of VE that way. Is it some kind of system glitch or what?

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[quote name='cryxus' date='29 September 2009 - 04:21 PM' timestamp='1254262861' post='43190']
the ritual has to have over 300 VE i.e. 301+
Not including personal VE, combo bonus VE, etc.

So, if my aramor has 230 VE, and I use 100% (I have 1000 personal VE), a random rit would be generated, because the aramor is under 300 VE

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