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Festival Contest - Day 275 - Lost Codes

Muratus del Mur

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  • Root Admin

Here are the details of the competition started today, day 275 of the 4th year.
A painful competition , just like the Festival

In this competition, 3 teams of players will receive broken pieces of a code. Only if put side by side, the code becomes a usable bonus code for one single use. The members of the team have to find a way to gather all pieces, by trade, competition, deals, or ANY WAY at all. The method they used must be documented and presented to me once the contest is over.

Regardless of the way you win it, the reward will still be granted, so be creative.

First Team, a prize of 50 credits:
dst, Karak, Observer, Fawe, Sparrhawk

Second Team, a prize of 50 credits:
Princ Rheagar, LameKnight, lifeline, Kempiniukas, Yoshi

Third Team, custom selected by me, with a prize of 75 credits:
eigger, .Shadowseeker., .Raven., BloodPrince, .Ailith., Islander, .Udgard., Manslaughter

The codes will be sent shortly after this post is submited.

Prize is redeemable by using the assambled code in the MD Shop, at the bottom of the page there is a bonus code field.

Have fun with this torturing contest ! :)

Think of it, you could trade a lot to get the codes, and you dont manage to get the last one, all is lost. OR you can trade yours for less and see that it would have been more valuable later, OR you could not trade it at all and then be sory you missed a great chance to trade it for something interesting because all gave up....what will you do....

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  • Root Admin

AS long as it takes. I don't know much about its current status, maybe one of the participants can tell us more :D

@ Shadowseeker:
OMG, your contest idea looks sooo similar, but honestly i didnt had it in mind when thinking about this contest.
You can still hold yours, you use a map, that makes things actualy better because they are more predictable and someone could find the treasure without having ALL pieces, while in my version with the codes you need to have all codes or you fail. Actualy if you manage to organize such a contest with an actualy DRAWN map, it would be awsome and i would be glad to announce it.

p.s. how was that saying with great minds...u told me:P

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so to update this. i traded all codes and also got the time when the pms were send. but nothig works. so either i have to try all combinations possible what i cant believe because that would be impossible in team 3 or somebody gave me a wrong code.

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  • Root Admin

The point of the competition was not to torture you with trying combinations.
Please send me your codes when you think you have ALL of them, and i will tell you if one is wrong or give you the right sequence if you have them all right.

Please don't forget i want a log of how you aquired the codes, trade, threat, promises, lies, anything, its just for my personal curiosity.

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