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Festival Contest - Day 280 - The Random Memories

Muratus del Mur

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[b]Contest organizer:[/b]

[b]Day 280: The Random Memories[/b]

A weird scroll has been found..unfortunately, it has been torn into 5 pieces. The
more subtle scroll, the transparent layer, had it even worse..it was turned into 20
pieces. The one who found it, Shadowseeker, decided to lock it into a chest, and
opening it later on Day 280, 20:00 servertime.

Then, the pieces shall be distributed. A hunt for them, to puzzle them together, and
to find the reward was given. Because that is the only thing known, that it is
something which could grant a reward.

The reward itself is splittable, with a maximum of 5 people.

You are not allowed to fake any part of the quest, as in make up your own and sell
it instead of a real piece.
You shall get links for the pieces, use them, instead of downloading and uploading
somewhere else. Please keep logs of how you acquired your pieces though.
The transparent is the key to the weird scroll..you need 3 things at once, and a
screenshot of the puzzle to prove it.
You don't need all pieces, only the 3 things and the screenshot..but careful, if it
is wrong that was it for you.

Since the pieces have no number on it, you may want to describe the shape in order
to ensure it's piece you have or do not have.

If by Day 310 nobody has gotten it, slowly but surely pieces of the complete thing
will appear, so better hurry up.

[granted by Mur with custom law decree below]
Empty Aramors are lost carcasses of warriors passed long time ago. Similar to shades in a small way, they do not have an own identity. After experiments conducted deep inside Golemus Labs, such an Aramor was energeneticaly manipulated (wow a new word :) ) to be inhabited by an other soul. Because there are no laws to state yet the legal status of these creatures, and its not even sure if they are creatures or not, The creatures on this account can be freely pillaged. The account login will be given to the Organizer of the contest, creatures on it, and account access itself, are the rewards of the contest. Shadowseeker is free to keep what he thinks as his personal reward for organizing the contest. The exact creature list will be made public later, but yes it includes drachorns.

Good luck everybody, Shadowseeker will takeover from here!

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who will choose the players for this quest? or is it random people at GOE who are online ?

so all we will have to do is collect 3 other pieces ? and put it together and take a screen shot

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err just wanted to make sure... all we have to do is collect 3 pieces of the puzzle ?

and the puzzle will be a item or a code? if a code lets say i gave mine to gargant can i also give it to raven.. to both of them?

edit: if i get selected :)

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No. 5 pieces of a map people will have to gather first: however these will be given out a few times, so it should be easy.

Then there's 20 pieces, which mark 3 certain spots if puzzled together..you need these spots, and could do with less than 20. And yeah, you can pass it on, issue is..reward will get shared. the more winners, the less each gets. maximum of 5 though.

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*Clock Master*
*Indyra Sirenias*
*Princ Rhaegar*
.Metal Bunny.
Dteah Rnig
Mya Celestia
No one

The list of the people who got some pieces. Alphabetical order, so don't try to read anything out of it :D

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Since I got so many questions in private, yes you can message if it's unclear, but read first:

The transparents are not to be turned or flipped.

Once you have the three dots find where they point onto and get the names of it, locations I want the name, if it's a creature also the level.

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BIG surprise..

Today, on 10/10/09 01:47 servertime, a team has finished.

Team consists of dst, No one, Observer and Burns.

Depending on how fast another person/team finishes there may be another rewards awaiting you. While the reward of those mentioned is stable, those who come in within 1 week of this post can still get something, depending on their numbers of course.
And yes, if you teamed up better hand in all names..because in a team you most likely will get more in total than just one person.

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