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New Leadership Of Seal Of Six


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i was unable to post this in respective section becoz it says i dont have permission to post in there, so i put it here

so i came in and kicked granny and his followers out of ally, i left i am bored in ally, well he seems to be such a nice guy so i will let him have fun inside

and granos this is just becoz i dont like your secretive stuff and revenge for every spy ya sent into marind bell

have a nice day :P

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Nice move Lib, but now you will see what happens as a result, anything that can be done within the bounds of player is acceptable, prepare for the consequences.

I play nice fitting with MD and keeping things running from behind the scenes never intentionally damaging things, I've always taken steps to ensure things are ok and acceptable before hand in preforming an action which could be potentially damaging to MD. Such an action is quite an admeriable feat, if it was done under interesting circumstances but it wasn't thus I am not amused.

Enjoy what little you have left.

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