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Hello Im New

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Hello, Im new to the forum and never got a "real" hello topic So i thought on my Two Year Active Days i might as well ask for one

So, Im back! *queues the boo's*

After a small break where dst bet me that i couldnt count all of the players with ID less than 100000

And... There are... 12,353 Accounts (including RP accounts) with ID's less than 100000

NOTE: One of those statments are false, Im going to let you try and work out which :)

What else, what else, follow the White rabbit? And always take the Red pill

Im going to be reading up on all the posts iv missed (lucky me...) and doing whatever i normally do lol

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[quote name='teufelhunden' date='31 October 2009 - 08:39 AM' timestamp='1256978387' post='46168']
I think you were not bet and did it on your own.......


first one to guess it right lol

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